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Moses Kagochi: Jamhuri High School Alumnus Flourishing in Europe as Top Hockey Coach

Moses Kagochi is technical manager for the Hockey Club Delta Venlo which competes in the Royal Dutch Hockey Association leagues.

He started playing hockey while in secondary school at Jamhuri High School and to pursue coaching while working in Malawi.

Kagochi has worked as a coach in countries across the world including South Africa, Namibia, Germany, Italy and India.

Here is his story as told by WoK.

Kagochi took up hockey while studying at Jamhuri High School.

After completing high school, he did not give up on the sport and played for several teams and clubs including Kenya Breweries.

“Along the way, I also had the privilege of training and playing for Barclays. These experiences exposed me to different playing styles, strategies, and teammates who became lifelong friends,” he said.

Following years of playing the sports, Kagochi was introduced to coaching by a friend while working in Malawi.

“Allistair Fredricks, may his soul rest in peace, introduced me to coach’s education, planting the seed for my coaching journey,” he recalled.

Kagochi took up the challenge and pursued a coaching course at South Africa Hockey Association Level O which he completed in 2009.

With his certifications, he was destined for greatness as he ended up working in among other countries, the United Kingdom, South Africa and Namibia.

Kagochi has also coached in Germany, Italy, India and Netherlands where he is currently serving as a technical manager.

His achievements include becoming an FIH educator in India in 2019, and being invited to participate in the first FIH high-performance level 5 program during the World Cup in January 2023.

“Of course, the coaching path is not without its sacrifices and challenges. It requires immense dedication of time and finances, all while continually proving oneself

“However, my desire to constantly better myself and help others grow serves as my ultimate motivation. The opportunity to coach internationally has opened doors to remarkable networking and camaraderie among fellow coaches,” he said.

Kagochi advised aspiring coaches to be clear on what they want to achieve, be open minded and be hungry for both positive and negative feedback.