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Miguna Miguna Injures Leg After Accident:”I’m Recovering”

Miguna Miguna
Lawyer Miguna Miguna has shared his recovery process after an accident that injured his leg. Photo/Miguna Miguna Facebook.

Fiery Kenyan lawyer Miguna Miguna has updated Kenyans on his recovery process after sustaining a leg injury.

The author and lawyer also revealed he was injured after an accident with his tibia being affected.

The lawyer thanked his orthopaedic surgeons and Kenyans for their support.

“Recovering from a fractured left foot. Thanks to all my orthopaedic surgeons, friends and compatriots,” he said.

The lawyer said he would need a boot to help him fly in a plane as the cast was not suitable due to fluctuating cabin pressure.

“Thanks to everyone who has wished me a quick recovery. I BEEN unable to identify everyone by name,”

“For those asking what happened: I had an accident and fractured my tibia three times. The no-weight cast is to help with the healing, however, since one CAN fly in a cast (due to fluctuating cabin pressure), I’ll need the boot,” Miguna added.

Kenyans in the comment section sent him quick recovery messages and wished him luck.

I have been on that boot twice, I hated it. Quick recovery Daktari MM – Wairimu Kimani shared.

Healing is your portion in Jesus’ name – Ambrose Weda said.

Your interview at Obinna’s show was very insightful. Get well soon and get well quickly general – Paul Raha posted.

My General Speedy recovery sir – Elijah Mukundi said.

Miguna is a fiery politician, author barrister and solicitor in Toronto Canada.

The Canadian citizen has been a darling of the media for the longest time and continues to dish his ‘liberation’ messages on social media platforms where he has a massive following.

The barrister is known for his eloquence, his ability to remember specific dates and places where things happened and his unapologetic way of dishing out his truth.

His words have landed him in trouble so many times and he has clashed with so many politicians in the country.

Some journalists even find him a nightmare to interview because of his ability to turn words around and some even describe him as condescending.