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Levi Kones: Kenyan Man’s Wife Kneels to Welcome Him to Australia

Levi Kones
Levi Kones’s wife Wangeci welcomes him by kneeling at the airport. Photo/Levi Kones Facebook.

Levi Kones could not hide his joy after reuniting with his wife Wangeci in Australia.

The author travelled to Sydney, Australia to spend time with his wife and the reunion became emotional for both of them.

Levi’s wife had moved to the country to study and left him to take care of the children back in Kenya.

According to Levi, his wife had always dreamed of furthering her education and Australia looked appealing.

On landing in Australia, Wangeci hugged her husband and went on her knees to welcome him.

The author was given flowers and a giant welcoming card by his wife on arrival.

Kones shared a heartwarming Bible verse dedicated to his wife on Facebook.

“‭Mark 10:27: Jesus looked at them and said, With man, this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God,” he posted.

The author said he would pamper his wife in the coming days in Australia as compensation for the time they have been apart from each other.

“One day I will tell the story of how this miracle happened. But not today.
For the next few days or weeks, I will take time off here to attend to Mrs Wangeci Kones first and pamper her for her resilience in this process. To God be the glory,” he added.

WoK previously published the story of Veronica Mumira a Kenyan-born healthcare worker living in Australia.

She is the founder and director of Auscare Group – a staffing agency based in Perth City which offers healthcare services for the disabled and training of healthcare practitioners.

She also runs a real estate company by the name Angeo Group Property Ltd.

Veronicah moved to Australia in 2001 for further studies. She pursued a Bachelor of Science and Nursing degree in Nursing Science at the University of Notre Dame, Australia.