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Mohammed Bahaidar: From Being Deemed A Failure In School To Becoming IQRA FM CEO 

  • Mohammed Bahaidar is the current CEO of IQRA FM
  • He is also motivational speaker, business consultant, author and media personality

Underachievers in school are often looked down upon and insulted by their peers and in some cases even adults. In his case, Mohammed Bahaidar was called good for nothing, dumb and deemed a failure. This did not stop him from chasing his dreams and he is today the CEO of Iqra FM and holds a doctorate. 

Here is the story of Dr Mohammed Bahaidar (PhD) as told by WoK,

Struggling as a young boy 

As a young boy, he struggled to keep up with his peers in academics because he was slow to comprehend. It interfered with his self esteem but also made him determined to succeed. His grandfather reassured him and this pushed him to believe in himself. 

Going for Success 

Mohammed realized he was a good communicator and possessed skills in problem solving and finance. 

The first business he ventured in was a restaurant. He started it while studying in Malaysia but his foray in business failed miserably. Rather than give up, he took the valuable lessons he had learnt in management and later used them.

He tasted sweet success in Qatar where he helped revive the struggling Debenhams Stores. This invigorated him and he sought out other opportunities. 

The CEO managed to secure a consulting job in Zanzibar in 2013. With his midas touch, he also helped transform the business. 

They increased sales from 67,000 to 97,000 packages and decreased diesel theft from Tsh6.5 million to Tsh3.5 million. This feat earned him the most distinguished award in North Africa, the Middle East and Asia at a 2019 event in Muscat, Oman. 

Within no time, he landed a job at the then struggling Iqra FM. His first assignment was to modernize the station. 

He re-launched the Islamic station and re-packaged it to offer well-packaged shows. The CEO said he is big on mentorship, growth and promoting Islamic values, ideas, talents and business. 


The CEO said that he holds a degree and masters in Business Administration and a Doctorate in Management from the University of Newcastle.