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Hasmukh Patel: Mombasa Billionaire Feeding 40,000 People, Transforms Dumpsite To Ksh700 Million Recreational Park

  • Hasmukh Patel is the founder and CEO of Mombasa Cement
  • He changed the lives of Mombasa residents by providing food to needy families

Mombasa Cement founder and Chief Executive Officer Hasmukh Patel, popularly known as Hasu Patel, is with no doubt a hero who has won many hearts through his countless philanthropic deeds for the good of the general public and the underprivileged in Mombasa county. 

The billionaire philanthropist, who is also a director at Corrugated Sheets Limited, is well known for his close relationship with locals and the needy in the society and his kindness towards the less fortunate. 

What can probably be the motive behind a successful man doing good to society? Mr. Patel’s success is known to many, but what’s the secret behind it? And, who is this man?

In this article, WoK looks into detail about billionaire’s biography, achievements and personal life though nothing much is known about him by the public 

Education Background

The reclusive billionaire attended Aga Khan Education Services Schools in the early 90’s. He joined Kingston University in 2007 to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Business Management where he graduated in 2010.

Hasmukh Patel Family

The billionaire is known to be a family man who enjoys spending time with his family. However, details about his family are not available in the public domain.

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Hasu Patel Career and Achievements

Mr. Patel founded Mombasa Cement Limited (MCL), an industrial company in Kenya that is in the business of manufacturing construction materials, in 2007.

MCL is one of the leading cement producers in East Africa with a factory size sitting on approximately 2000 acres of land and controlling 20% of the market share in the Kenyan cement sector and generates about USD40 million in sales revenue annually.

The company which is headquartered in Mombasa, operates in Nairobi, Athi River and Kilifi and ranks as the most technologically advanced and environmentally friendly cement producer in East Africa producing an annual capacity of 1.8 million metric tons of cement and 1 million metric tons of clinker.

The billionaire is also a director of Tororo Cement Limited in Uganda and Corrugated Sheets Limited founded in 1958 in Kenya. 

Hasmukh Patel Philanthropic work

The billionaire has won various awards for his contribution to alleviating human suffering in Kilifi and other Coast counties by providing job opportunities to locals.

Hasu Patel through his company’s Corporate Social Responsibility has supported philanthropic activities, including the 2008 Sahajanand Feeding Center, a renowned feeding program that reaches over 40,000 people in the Mombasa region alongside providing clean water trucks from Monday to Friday to the slums in Mombasa all week long.

The feeding program has been running for 12 years. 

Setting up schools

The tycoon has also established a school, the Sahajanand Special School, which meets basic needs in addition to educating more than 5,000 students children living with physical and mental disabilities.

In 2017, the company partnered with Mombasa County to refurbish the Mombasa tusks monument. Recently, he gave two pupils in Kilifi County,Fatuma Kwekwe and Samir Katama Mweri, a chance to chase their academic destiny by sponsoring them to pursue their ‘O’ level education. 

Settling hospital bills amounting Ksh2.2 million

In yet another act of kindness, Patel settled medical bills amounting to Ksh 2.2 million for fifty two patients at the Coast General Hospital which had accumulated since 2018.

Speaking on his behalf, the company’s representative Mr. Samir Bhalloo said,“Our CEO has asked us to clear the bill as part of our corporate social responsibility. He wants to help humanity. It is his desire that the patients are able to join their families. We built a wall round the hospital and paid mortuary bills recently.” 

At one time, the billionaire donated more than 50 lorries for garbage collection around Mombasa county.

Despite declining several appointments to any government post, Hasu Patel has significantly impacted the lives of Mombasa and Likoni residents.

He donated sheds at the Likoni Ferry after empathizing with commuters who have in the past been forced to stand in rain for up to three hours as they await to board the ferry.

Rehabilitating Kibarani Dumpsite

Patel made headlines when he took on a mega project of rehabilitating the filthy Kibarani dumpsite to convert it to a state of the art recreational site thus boosting tourism in the region.

In the successfully completed project, under his recommendations a number of life-sized sculptures of game animals such as antelopes, rhino and wildebeest were erected on a breathtaking artificial grass carpet at strategic parts of the park. 

At completion of this project that cost him Ksh 700 million, over 500,000 tree species such as Christmas Palm trees, Bougainvillea, Ashok trees, Jacaranda trees, coconut trees, sisal and Casuarina call the park home. 

Additionally, a giant 75-metre tall fountain was installed and a modern restroom for the guests who visit the park. Flags of the 47 counties of Kenya are on display in the park. 

Hasmukh Patel Patel’s Political Involvement

As mentioned earlier, Patel has in several instances humbly declined appointment to hold government positions. However, his kind deeds do not go unnoticed.

In January 2019, Mombasa county governor Ali Hassan Joho piled praises towards the billionaire for his contribution saying, “There is an important philanthropist. It will be unfair if I do not recognize him for the work he has done for us…” 


  1. Feeds 40,000 and pays below minimum wage at his factory?

    And what are these able bodied men and women doing apart from being fed? Since the free food service, there has been a large influx of people living on the streets including several from other regions in the country, increased human waste littered on the streets, insecurity and harassment..

    These people need jobs not a meal a day for the rest of their lives or else you are creating criminals and bad culture. Charity should solve societal problems not create and amplify them.

  2. To feeding people it’s not bad remember this is a nature you can’t give 40000 job it’s not all the people can do hard job let Mombasa cement do what he see it’s good for him big up hasu

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