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Amount Of Money Prisoners In Australia Earn Per Day And ‘Luxuries’ They Enjoy

The thought of being locked up sends chills down the spines of many. Besides the death sentence, nothing is more unnerving than spending a part or all your life in a prison. That said, some prisons are fairly humane compared to others. Third world countries are known to have the worst prison facilities. In developed countries, the facilities are more homely and professionally run. We take a look at the amount of money prisoners in Australia earn and some of the luxuries they enjoy.

Prisoners Earnings
According to couriermail.com, inmates at Queensland Corrective Services earn between $2.80 and $8.45 a day depending on the work they have been assigned. Students get $3.50 per day while sound and high achievers get $4.55 a day. Those who are unemployed receive $1.30 and a weekly hygiene allowance of $9.55 for all prisoners.

Here are the pay rates:

Cleaners, groundsmen, activities assistant and logistics workers — $2.80

Stores assistants, landscapers, librarians assistants, sound students and senior laundry workers — $3.50

Landscaping leader and industry overseers — $7.50

Supervising cook — $8.45

Prisoners Accounts
Money earned by inmates is stored in an account. According to www.corrections.sa.gov.au, the money in the account includes money earned through doing work, daily entitlement, and rehabilitation program. Prisoners are allowed to have as much as they wish in their account but cannot transfer or borrow money to another prisoner. The accounts are split into two; the main account that allows inmates to buy essentials from the canteen and a telephone account that allows them to use the phone system.

Can money be sent to prisoners?
Yes. Inmates families, friends and professional visitors are allowed to deposit cash in their accounts. All deposits are made via postal orders as no online banking facilities are allowed. It takes a week for funds to reflect on a prisoner’s account. Senders must be approved and identifiable by the authorities.

Limit of Funds to be sent
The maximum amount capped by the authorities for low to medium security prisoners is $300. While high security prisoners maximum transfer limit is pegged at $200 per month.

Luxuries enjoyed by Prisoners Locked Up In Australia
Conjugal visits are allowed in Australia Capital Territory and Victoria under certain conditions. Western Australia and Queensland don’t permit conjugal visits.

Prisoners have access to Pay-TV packages in jails located in Victoria. Inmates can also buy snacks such as stuffed olives and “Movietime popping corn” at Langi Kal Kal and Barwon jails. According to News Ltd, inmates can buy ice cream in Metropolitan Remand Centre while prisoners at Ararat jail have access to doonas, adidas shows and chrismas cakes. Male prisoners have access to moisturizers, loofas, aftershaves and gels.

Female inmates can access upto 144 products ranging from mascaras, eye shadow, hair treatment, butterfly clips and tinted moisturisers.

Prisoners in Queensland have a reported $1000 trust account and are able purchase music and magazines from the prison canteen.

Religious meals like halal and kosher are allowed in some prisons. Authorities introduced lollipops, seafood and steak menu in a bid to appease inmates following the ban on smoking.

Internet is accessible in prisons in the Australian Capital Territory but other jurisdiction do not allow smartphones and computers.