Moses Kuria: How Raila Odinga Ensured Gatundu South MP Got An Education After Being Kicked Out Of School

Moses Kuria: How Raila Odinga Ensured Gatundu South MP Got An Education After Being Kicked Out Of School
Raila Odinga when he visited Moses Kuria in hospital Image/Courtesy

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Gatundu South Member of Parliament Moses Kuria is a man who courts controversies with abandon. He is known for his razor sharp tongue that spews utterances bordering on war chants. The MP’s contemptuous statements have targeted members of the Luo community with the ODM leader Raila Odinga bearing the heaviest brunt of his foul mouth. 

Raila instructs late Kajwang’

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Interestingly, it was Raila Odinga who stood with the MP when he was suspended from the University of Nairobi by the senate together with other student leaders. The former Prime Minister gave the acerbic Moses Kuria some money and went on to instruct the late Otieno Kajwang’ to represent him and his colleagues. 

A source told Nairobian of the encounter Raila and Kuria: 

“I can confirm that Raila gave Kuria Sh400 and also paid Kajwang to represent the students in court. I can also confirm that on Saturday January 20, 1995, Kuria attended Jaramogi Oginga Odinga’s first anniversary and slept in Raila’s Opoda Farm home in Bondo,” he told the tabloid. 

Protracted court battle

It took close to a year for Justice Mwera to finally rule in favor of Kuria and his colleagues. The case was thrown out and the university was ordered to readmit the students.  

“Raila gave them Otieno Kajwang until the court ordered the university to re-admit Kuria and other student leaders back,” the source told the publication.

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Curse to community

The outspoken MP has made unsavoury remarks directed to Raila Odinga and he is seemingly determined to continue with this line of politicking. In 2019, he told the media he was still being pursued for a case he was accused of threatening to circumcise the ODM leader and his wife Ida Odinga.

I still have two cases coming up this week. One is the NYS case where I defended the program when Raila was trying to sabotage it. The other one am accused of trying to cut something from Ida Odinga. Why ca’t the handshake be used to drop my cases?”

This whole week, I will not be working for the people of Gatundu South, I will be in court rooms defending myself from useless cases and some of this people are we were fighting are benefiting. I support the handshake but we should not allow it to be neutered by politics,” he told the media.

His recent remarks have sparked outrage from a section of Kenyans who have asked for arrest. He told a political gathering in Kiambu-attended by the DP William Ruto-that the community stands cursed if they support Raila Odinga’s presidency quest.

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