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Most Inspirational And Influential YouTube Channel Shows in Kenya

By Prudence Minayo

YouTube content creators in Kenya are giving mainstream media sleepless nights. The channels have gained a lot of popularity in the last two years and in most cases have surpassed views of established media houses in the country. The content uploaded on these channels are mostly inspirational, motivational and in some instances call to action videos. The following shows on YouTube have inspired so many people, even beyond the borders of Kenya. 

Tuko Shows

The TUKO channel on YouTube has continuously brought inspirational shows that have gone beyond the borders of Kenya. From Tuko Talks, Inspire Kenya, Tales of Wanjiku to My Story, the channel has shared so many stories that have made people laugh, cry, left motivated and inspired. One of the highlights of the show is whenever a very needy case is aired, Kenyans-both within and outside the country-come out in huge numbers to support the case. The many guests who have appeared on the show have had their lives changed for the better and many went back to testify. 

Bonga Na Jalas

Popular comedian Jalang’o started his YouTube channel years ago but it was not until last year that he began uploading content after content. He has hosted so many people on Bonga na Jalas with some giving very inspiring stories. Babu Owino, Andrew Kibe, Betty Kyallo, Jamal Roho Safi, Wode Maya, Miss Trudy, Comedian YY, TT Comedian, Shorn Area, Abel Mutua, Simon and Sara Kabu and Azziad Nasenya are some of the few influential celebrities that have graced the show. The host always allows his guests to tell their story, at times from their childhood, where they went to school to how they launched their careers. Some of the stories have been very inspirational and have helped the audience understand the struggles some people went through to be where they are today. 

Eve Mungai Show

Evelyn Mungai is one of the fastest growing YouTubers in the country. She began posting videos in nearly the final quarter of last year and has now gained more than 200,000 subscribers. Her show is majorly known for hosting celebrities. She has interviewed some of the big names in the Kenyan entertainment scene and also non-celebrities. In her show, she lets guests tell their stories with a few questions here and there to keep the story going. Each of the guests that have graced her show have shared amazing stories. The stories are especially an inspiration to many youths in the country that if others made it or are struggling to make it, they too could do it. Eve Mungai herself is also a clear example of how hard work and determination could get one very far. 

Cele’s Reflection

Celestine Ndinda came into the public eye through her relationship with popular actor and comedian Timothy Kimani, alias Njugush. The channel Njugush is owned and operated by the two and over the years the couple have shared very inspirational content, especially of how they struggled to get to where they are today.

Cele’s Reflection is a segment on the channel that was introduced last year whose host is Celestine. She discusses a number of topics from motherhood, self worth, body care, parenting to investments. The simple but very efficient way she does the show enables her to connect very well with the audience. The topics of discussion on the show are either discussed by Celestine or she at times invites guests who are experts on the topic. Therefore, the show is educative, informative and entertaining as well. Through the comment section on YouTube, many have learnt a lot by tuning in to Cele’s reflection. 

Abel Mutua 

Abel Mutua is a channel owned by Abel Mutua who is an actor, businessman, script writer, comedian and content creator. He is a former Tahidi High actor and was responsible for discovering a number of actors including DJ Shiti, Njugush and Shiphira. Through his channel, he has shared quite a number of stories that are not just entertaining but are packed with numerous life lessons. He has shared stories on gang activities, relationships, con stories, celebrities and news that made headlines among others. The stories have been well received by his fans who have shown him great support. Some have even shared how his stories have helped them come out of depression. Abel Mutua ventured into the YouTube space last year and has managed to acquire more than 200,000 subscribers with some of his stories making it to the list of most trending YouTube videos in Kenya. 

Churchill Show “Journey Series Edition”

Churchill is one of the biggest brands in Kenya with Churchill Show being identified as the biggest mainstream comedy show in Kenya. The Churchill Show YouTube channel has more than a million subscribers and last year a new segment was introduced to the show and that is The Journey Series Edition. This is yet another show that takes people through the lives of other successful people. It takes the viewers through the journey of the very successful in Kenya. He has featured so many successful people in the show including Grand Mullah, Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho, Yasmin Said, Abel Mutua, Njugush, Sheila Mwanyigha, Eunice Mammito, Maina Kageni, Samidoh, Jalang’o, Betty Kyallo and Flaqo Raz among others.

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