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MP Junet Mohamed’s Wife Faika Deka Jammah Profile, Background, Education, Politics & Mastery of Dholuo

Faika Deka Jammah is the wife to Suna East Member of Parliament and National Assembly Minority Whip Junet Mohamed.

Jammah has over the years keep a low profile despite being married to arguably one of ODM Leader Raila Odinga’s most trusted allies.

She has made a name for herself in Migori County for advocating and championing for the education of the girl child and empowerment of women in society.

He good deeds have often been overshadowed on a national scale by the political fame that MP Mohamed commands.

Background & Education

Jammah like her husband is of Somali origin from North Eastern Kenya, but, has found home in Migori County.

On the other hand, the Suna East MP was born and raised in Migori County, even attended Migori Primary School.

File image of Suna East MP Junet Mohamed. |Courtesy| Twiter|

Details of Jammah’s early life and education still remains unknown to the public, but her mastery an eloquence in the queen’s language indicates a learned fellow.

She is a committed Muslim, a fact that is made loud by her sartorial choices. She loves rocking the burka and the niqab.


Jammah is married to Mohamed and the lovely couple is blessed with five children. Images of the family, however, are hard to come by.


As the saying goes, “the spouse of a politician is a politician”. Politics, especially campaigns and elections are hotly contested affairs in any part of this country.

Jammah has often come out to campaign for her husband in campaigns leading up to general elections.

In 2017, she led multiple campaigns whereby she engaged women and youth from Suna East to vote for the re-election of Mohamed, and the election of ODM Leader Raila Odinga as president.

She has been a vocal figure in the constituency, constantly engaging members of the public on development projects in the region.

On August 1, she along with her husband, hosted leaders led by the Former Prime Minister in Migori, as he drums up support for the 2022 general elections.

File image of Suna East MP Junet Mohamed’s wife Faika Deka Jammah. |Photo| Courtesy|

Mastery of Dholuo

During the meeting which was held at her home on Sunday, August 1, Jammah wowed the congregation with her fluent and eloquent mastery of the Luo language.

She urged members of the public to support the agendas fronted by Odinga as the country gears up for a heated campaign in 2022.

Jammah gave an analogy of the honey badger, urging ODM supporters to be resilient in their pursuit for better leadership.

“Snakes and are scared of the honey badger. The badger is fearless and always craves for honey. It won’t stop at anything to pick honey,” she started.

“This is how we should also die for our leader Raila. The wife of a politician is also a politician. Behind a politician there is even a better politician. Isn’t it?” she posed.

Jammah then proceeded to joke that she is a better politician than her husband. All this time, engaging in dholuo as the crowd struggled to control their laughter.

“Baba (Raila), this time we are aiming for victory. We (followers) will not fail you. You are all welcome at home again and again,” she concluded.


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