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My Parents Never Wanted Me To Be In Media, Career Journey Of Kalekye Mumo

Kalekye Mumo is a renowned media personality with over two decades in radio, digital broadcast and film.

She is also the founder of KM Network, a media company through which she explores different facets of people’s lives with the aim of changing lives.

She also runs a podcast dubbed, KM Radio.

On the other hand, Kalekye is among established journalists who had to fight for their way into the industry.

This is following her parents disapproval of her decision to join radio.

Here is her story as told by WoK.

In an interview with KTN, Kalekye Mumo also discussed her decision to leave radio in 2016, after a long stint at Radio Africa.

She kicked off her radio career at Capital FM where she worked for three months before joining Kiss FM where she worked from 2006 to 2016.

Kalekye hosted the Rush Hour drive show for eight years before graduation to the breakfast show which he hosted until her exit from the radio station.

She opened up on her decision to leave noting that it felt like it was the right time for her to call it quits and focus on something else.

“The body, the system, everything was just speaking and it had been the same thing for so long and it was more like I needed to move on to something else

“I had a tag of war with myself and then finally I thought it had been too long and it was time. It was time to leave so I left,” she said.

Kalekye mentioned that her contract was set to be renewed but she had nothing substantial to keep her working in radio.

“My contract was ending and it was time to renew but everything was not aligning to what would have kept me longer than I was supposed to be there,” she said.

After leaving his radio job, it did not take long before a job offer came resulting to the birth of Talk Central, a talk show that aired on K24 TV.

“There was a chance provided immediately, and I think God has been gracious to me because things that I’ve asked for he has given me,” she said.

She worked for two years and some months at the Mediamax-owned station.

Around the same time, she had also established her companies Drustar Alliance Limited and KM Network.

She serves as a director at Drustar, an events and planning company, and host at KM Network.

“It’s really about different stories of different people and really different angles of it. I’m big on relationships and God being the author of relationships, that’s where I draw the meaning of a good relationship

“For me, changing lives starts with people sharing their stories and being intimate enough to open up and share their story,” Kalekye explained.

She stated that getting into media was a hustle because her parents were initially against it but with the success came the approval.

“I went through fighting with my parents while trying to get into media because to their generation media was not a career option

“I was at the borderline where I had to prove myself… After 10 years at Kiss FM, they now transitioned,” Kalekye added.

Kalekye also hit out at people who troll her for givinf relationship advice on grounds that she is yet to get married.

“People assume that I shouldn’t talk about relationships, then how does it explain people constantly writing to me asking what they should do in certain instances

“I’m not a therapist but with my experiences I could be able to say a thing or two about what you need to think about and the kind of questions you need to ask,” she said.

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