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Nadia Cherono: The Grown Up Adopted Daughter Of President Ruto Who Was Abandoned, Buried Alive As A Newborn

President William Ruto is a loving father of six biological children. The head of state is also a doting father to Nadia Cherono, who was found buried and her body decomposing after her mother abandoned her at birth.

Here is the story of Nadia Cherono, named after the President’s mother, as told by WoK.


In May 2013, the then deputy president, was touched by an incident where a newborn baby was abandoned by her mother at birth. The baby named Nadia, was found buried and her body partly decomposing in Uasin Gishu County. He went on to adopt her. 

“The story of Nadia who was found buried, her body partly decomposing and abandoned as a newborn and has been under the care of Sisters at Madre Ippolata Children’s home touched my heart. I have named her Cherono, after my mother and made her part of my family,” he shared on his social media accounts.

Life at the State House

Seven years later, Nadia is now a grown up girl and has fitted perfectly in the family. She was spotted on August 16th 2022 wearing matching outfits with her adoptive mother Rachael Ruto as they made their way to Bomas of Kenya to witness as William Ruto was being issued with his certificate by IEBC after being declared the president. The two donned white and yellow outfits, as they held hands.

The girl is now transformed looking all bright and sharp and not as timid as she looked when she was first introduced to Kenyans. In recent photos circulating on the internet, the President is captured having quality time playing with Nadia. She is now a member of the first family which comprises the father President William Ruto, mother First Lady Rachael Ruto and Siblings Nick Ruto, June Ruto, Stephanie Ruto, Chelagat Ruto, Abby Ruto and George Kimutai Ruto.