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Nasra Yusuf Biography, Age, Family, Career And Marriage

By Prudence Minayo

There is a common stereotype about the Somali people. A good number of Kenyans associate them to the dreaded Al-Shabaab terrorist group. However, Nasra puts all this to rest by disabusing this notion through comedy. In an interview with BBC Africa, the comedian reveals that her jokes are a means of killing the stereotype about Somalis.

“ I use jokes to kill the stereotyping associated with us Somalis. I just bring positive vibes to people and just tell them that we are a good people,” she told BBC.

Just by telling the audience the way they treat us and take us differently is not good, they can go home thinking that this girl talked some sense,” added the comedienne

Nasra is the first well known Somali comedian in Kenya and also the first one to appear on Churchill live. The ease with which she delivers her punchline has put her in the pedestal of the best comedians in Kenya. 


The comedian was born in 1995.


She comes from a family of 3 children and was brought up in Mukuru Kwa Njenga, Nairobi. 


Nasra first started out at comedy arena on KBC TV and later at the Altimate Comic. 

After this, she landed a job at Churchill Show with her debut performance being in 2018 making history as the first Somali lady to be featured in the show. Many can relate to her jokes which sometimes involves poking jokes at her own origin.

How she landed the role in Churchill

In an interview with Willis Raburu, the comedian shared how she made it to the Churchill show:

“ Nikiongea watu walikua wakisema Mimi ni mfunny, nitafute Churchill nianze kufanya maauditions. So in 2017 nilislide DM Facebook page ya Churchill show nikamwambia ‘hey Churchill am an upcoming comedian and am very funny. I would like to be the first Somali Comedian. Niambie auditions huwa ziko wapi I would like to come,” she said.

Sure enough, the reply came and she was told to go for auditions at Carnivore on Tuesday. At the back of her mind, she thought it was Churchill who had replied to her message. The elated Nasra told those who cared to listen that she would appear on the show next episode. She went to the auditions but did not make the cut because she was unprepared and ended up repeating Chipukeezy’s old jokes. They told her to go and come back when she had new jokes.

The Churchill show comedian gave up until an opportunity came on KBC TV and she grabbed it. This started her journey in the world of comedy and prepared her to perform in Churchill, a dream come true.

Everyone, both Muslim and Christians love her but she once described how some people criticize her. 

“As a Muslim, sometimes I am attacked by the way I dress and so on,” said Nasra during an interview with BBC.

“It’s very rare to find a female Somali comedian because of our strict traditions. We have been taught from a young age that we are not supposed to stand before men and talk to them, we’re not supposed to laugh in front of men. These are the things that hinder Somali girls from coming out and presenting their talents”, continued Nasra.

“There are those who even say am a girl, I am not supposed to be a comedian and the mentality that we are not supposed to be paid more than a male comedian just pisses me off,” she added.

Despite all this, the comedian is definitely a talented comedian with a huge fan base whose star continues to shine bright.



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The comedienne got hitched to Rashid on 25th of April 2021 in a private ceremony. She said of her marriage to her beau who is also a comedian on Churchil Show:

Nasra Yusuf Biography, Age, Family, Career And Marriage
Nasra Yusuf And Her Hubby Rashid Image/Courtesy

“Oh yeah guys,on the 25th of april 2021 I got married to my best friend!!!

Responding to Q and A on their YouTube channel, Nasra shared the challenges she faced marrying the man of her dreams who was non-Somali:

“I’m very emotional, it has not been easy. It was very hard and led to so many difficult challenges and we thank God we finally overcame the challenges. I’m emotional because if it was not for my mum this would have never happened, she’s been there for me throughout. 

“I would like to say that it doesn’t matter where your partner comes from but as long as you’re not going against God that’s the only important thing. There’s nothing like a black or white person, a Luo or a Luhya those are just things that we get into our heads for negativity purppses and it is not important.” Next