Nduru Man: The Delivery Man Now Making Money From Screaming

By Prudence Minayo

Ian Asunya-popularly known as Nduru Man-is a Kenyan content creator who shares videos on Tik Tok. What makes him stand out from the crowd is the fact that his content is all about screaming. This has earned him the name Nduru Man. He shares videos of himself walking down a busy street, or an office- then screams at the top of his lungs, catching those present by surprise. 

Here is his story as told by WoK


He got the nickname Wazimu in 2007 when he was still very young. Raised in Kawangware, he said the nickname stuck and all his friends, relatives and acquaintances used it. 

The idea of making videos while screaming was ignited when he was walking along the streets of Nairobi. Working as a delivery man, on that material day, he had very little to do and was bored. Hence, he just recorded a video of himself screaming and thus the journey began.

His first video, which received a lot of traction, was recorded near I&M bank. Once he shared the video, it received numerous positive reviews and this encouraged him to continue doing more of such videos. He ended up recording a number of videos including with police officers. In a past interview, he explained that one person he wished to scream in his presence was president Uhuru Kenyatta. 

He says that courage is something he has never lacked so it is not difficult for him to just begin screaming. However, he only screams when in the mood and not when someone instructs him to. The Tik Toker also said that he does not focus too much on the negative comments and does not mind being called a mad man.

In the recent past, he screamed at the gate of the State House. This attracted GSU officers who took him in for questioning and afterwards deleted the video. However, he recovered it and proceeded to share it on social media. 

“I usually walk around with my good conduct certificate so the senior officer just checked it and allowed me to leave after ascertaining that I am a law abiding citizen,” he said while speaking about the matter. 

Making Money From Screaming

Nduru Man theatrics have landed him a number of deals that earn him money.


Recently, he revealed that he was a single father to one girl. The mother was of Arabic descent and went away soon after the birth of his daughter. According to him, the girl’s father was not okay with his daughter dating Nduru Man. He said the girl was married in Dubai and all efforts to reach out to her have been fruitless. 

“Her number is always off. I looked for her every place I knew I could trace her but I did not manage to get her,” he told Word Is.