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Net Worth Of Aden Duale And What He Owns

The hashtag #WeKnowYourSalary is gaining momentum on twitter as Kenyans put to task their leaders source of immense wealth vis-à-vis their salaries. Questions have been raised on how legislators and civil servants have ended up acquiring properties worth billions of shillings over a short period of time. One of the leaders whose name has adversely been mentioned is Garissa Town MP Aden Duale who doubles as the National Assembly Majority Leader. So how did Duale become one of the richest men in Kenya?

Political connection
By virtue of being in the inner sanctum of the Jubilee administration, companies associated with Duale and his extended family continue to be awarded lucrative tenders. On August 4, 2014, Concordia Building and Civil Engineering Ltd and Nomad Palace Hotel Ltd-companies linked to the Majority Leader-were awarded contracts worth Kes400 million by the Geothermal Development Company (GDC). The Concordia directors were Aden Duale and Mr Abdi Yakub Duale.

Hagar Construction Company
This yet another company said to be associated with the Duale and his family. The company reportedly awarded a contract to fence Garissa Provincial Hospital at a cost of Kes40 million.

Properties Duale Owns
Nomad Hotel In Eastleigh
Duale seems to be borrowing a leaf from his boss William Ruto by investing in the hospitality industry. The seasoned politician owns the Nomad Hotel in Eastleigh. According to reports appearing on Kenya Today, the land where the hotel sits belonged to the Ministry of Livestock.

Nomad Hotel-Garissa Town
This hotel is one of the best in the North Eastern region. The multi-million facility has a swimming pool, wifi and air conditioned rooms. Alcohol is not sold in either of the Nomad hotels as the establishment is founded “on strong religious values and advocates for high societal morals and in this light.”

Lillac Centre
He owns the four storey Lillac Centre in Garissa Town which is managed by his brother Dubow Bare Duale. The land where the building stands reportedly belonged to Garissa Primary before it was grabbed by the legislator.
Lavish Residence In Garissa Town
His house in Garissa Town befits a king and speaks volumes of his enormous wealth. President Uhuru Kenyatta is among leaders who have paid a visit to the razor tongued MP’s Garissa home.

Illicit Charcoal Trade In Somalia
In 2014 Hon Jakoyo Midiwo revealed how House Majority Leader Aden Duale was using the Kenya Defence Forces in Somalia to engage in the illicit yet lucrative charcoal business that rakes in billions of dollars. Duale has vehemently opposed the withdrawal of troops in the wartorn country.

Medina Chemicals
The company supplies veterinary products in the region.

Salary and estimated worth
The Garissa MP Aden Duale earns KSh 1,020,670 per month and his estimated worth is kes2 billion.