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Updated: Onesimus Kipchumba Murkomen Salary And What He Owns

Elgeyo- Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen rubbished social media users’ attempts to expose wealth acquired by politicians and civil servants through corner corner dealings as ‘nonsense’. Miffed by the #WeKnowYourSalary hashtag, Murkomen-who is seemingly the most disturbed politician by the campaign-labeled Cyprian Nyakundi an extortionist who is making money out of the ignorance of his followers. One of his tweet attacking the  blogger reads: “Nyakundi is in business. Does extortion through social media. Kazi yenu retweet na yake is pocket the money. Go and work”. He further faulted the idea of “counting people’s properties and comparing them with their salaries” in his series of tweets.

Links to alleged Corrupt Dealings
Former Devolution Cabinet Secretary and the current Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru made damning claims to the effect that Sing’oei, Murkomen and Sigei Advocates benefited from the National Youth Service (NYS) loot. According to Waiguru, the firm was paid kes15million by Out of the Box Solutions-allegations Murkomen vehemently denied. In defense of his firm the senator said: “Our firm has never received any payment from any NYS contractor. Our Client Out of the Box Solutions has never worked for, nor was it contracted by NYS. The allegations by Ms Waiguru through her agents that our law firm was paid legal fees amounting to Sh15 million is a figment of her imagination.” The firm was paid by Outbox on May 17 and May 20 kes 8million and 7 million respectively via swift transfer.
The amount of money lost in the NYS scandal during Waiguru’s tenure was put at kes1.8 billion and not kes791 million as reported on the media.

Helicopter Power
Former cabinet minister Nicholas Biwott was among the leaders who noticed Murkomen penchant for constantly flying in helicopters and dishing handouts. Biwott castigated the leader advising him to instead bring development in the region. “I ask MPs and your senator to go to Parliament and make noise to ensure our roads are paved,” the late former Keiyo South MP said. On the senate choppers rides he said:
“I see your senator using helicopters everywhere he goes and generously leaving people with something small.
“We appreciate that and ask him to extend his generosity to us…” Biwott was quoted as saying during the reopening of Rimoi National Reserve.

The legislator came under sharp criticism from his rivals during last year general election for his perceived financial might that disadvantaged them. The senator earned the moniker ‘Helicopter Power’ for how easily he moved from one town to the next by using choppers. According to Barnabas Boit-who unsuccessfully vied for the Elgeyo Marakwet seat-Murkomen would fly around the county every weekend.

Hiring a chopper
It is very expensive to hire a chopper in Kenya. These exorbitant charges did not seem to deter the Majority Leader from hobnobbing from one location to the next. To hire a chopper for one hour you will have to part with $1,500 (Sh150,500) to $2,000 (Sh200,000), depending on the company. This means the senator was spending about kes300,000 per trip.

Does Murkomen own a chopper?
According to an article appearing on the Star titled Politicians rush to buy choppers, 59 imported in the last two years, Murkomen is listed among leaders who were in the process of buying their own helicopters. This means Murkomen bank account had over kes400 million.

Maize Cartel
Moiben MP Sila Tiren claimed the Elgeyo Marakwet was part of the cartels importing maize and selling to the NCPB at higher prices. “We all see him going round the country throughout in a chopper yet he is just a legislator like us. He claimed that I am working with maize cartels yet we all know he is the one who knows the cartels and that is why he is able to fly any time he wants”, the MP questioned.

Multi Million house in Karen
The senator is reportedly building a multi-million house in Karen next to Boghani Villa. Murkomen has not denied the reports and seemed to suggest the cost of the house is way more than the kes200 million stated.

A tweet by Abraham Mutai reads in part:

…He was able to buy a house in Phenom Estate and buy land on Ndege Road, Karen where he is putting up a ksh100m plus house. We have the files as of now!

In another tweet it reads: Murkomen is buying 200acres in Kachibora, Trans Nzoia from Pim’s family. Total value of these assets is worth over ksh300m; 6 times his salary. How was he able to buy all these assets? House in Karen, land in Karen and Kachibora. We have opened the files. 

Elgon View Estate
He is said to also own a house in the posh Elgon View estate in Eldoret.

Kipchumba Murkomen Salary
Senate Majority leader Kipchumba Murkomen salary is kSh765,188 raising eyebrows on what magic to make the colossal amount he does.

How he makes his money
The senator has given his two cents on how to create wealth. His tweet on how to make money reads:

Nobody becomes rich or wealthy through SALARY(Not @UKenyatta,@WilliamsRuto or @RailaOdinga).You must take loans, do business, sell good&/or services,do farming,create ideas&sell them etc.stop the nonsense of #WeKnowYourSalary. Mzee Kenyatta taught us to fight poverty not riches

New development:Kipchumba Murkomen has been removed as Senate Majority Leader Kipchumba Murkomen and replaced with West Pokot Senator Samuel Poghisio.