Nicah The Queen Biography, Career, Marriage, Business And Reality TV

Nicah the Queen, real name Veronica Wanja, is a Kenyan gospel musician, businesswoman and reality tv star. Her name has been making headlines in the recent past after her ex-husband, Dr Ofweneke, brought to light little known details about their relationship.

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Here is her story as told by WoK.

Music Career and Christianity

The songstress is behind such big hits like Harusi yetu, Koo Koo, Wahi Wahi and Achana nao. Her songs are well choreographed with well-thought out lyrics meant to inspire and encourage. 

She is also a strong believer in God and believes in giving to the ministry. According to her, people need to exercise wisdom when choosing a church.

In a past interview, she said that whatever church  may minister to one may fail to minister to another. Hence, it is not bad to look until one finds where they feel at home.

In an interview on SPM Buzz, she also said that sleeping with people causes a transfer of spirits and so does masturbation.

She advised that people should shy away from masturbation as it opens a lot of unwanted doors. 


In a past media interview, the beautiful songbird also revealed that she is a farmer who specializes in onions and garlic farming. 

The reality TV star joined forces with her fiance and two other partners to form Chulavista, a company selling doors at different price ranges.

The decision was informed by the fact that there is a lot of construction in the country. She said they sell double steel doors and single ones. 

The double doors cost about Ksh75,000 with the single ones going for Ksh35,000. They also have cheaper doors and more expensive French doors going for as much as Ksh250,000. They also offer bullet- proof doors. 

Reality TV 

The businesswoman was featured in the reality TV show, Oh Sister.

The show shows various aspects of life of several born again women, such as, Milly WaJesus and Size 8.

It is a first of its kind in the country and has attracted thousands of viewers. Nicah said she loves the show as it has helped her interact with amazing women.

She also says that by watching herself on TV, she is able to spot some weaknesses she has to work on. 

Marriage and Relationship 

Nicah was previously married to Dr. Ofweneke before the two decided to go their separate ways. The two were blessed with two children. Recently, she came out guns blazing after Dr. Ofweneke alleged in an interviews that he had broken up with her.

She said she wasn’t one to get left rather she is the one that does the leaving. She even said that she was the unforgettable ex.

Fans had mixed reactions with others feeling the comedian had not spoken about her maliciously.

She is currently engaged to DJ Slahver. The media personality said the two have been celibate for two years. She also said that she had turned down 12 marriage proposals since her split from Dr. Ofweneke. The proposals were from within and outside the country.