Dr. Ofweneke Biography, Age, Education, Career And Marriage

A man that wears many hats, Dr. Ofweneke is a popular media personality whose quick wit and jovial demeanor have endeared him to many Kenyans. He is a presenter, a comedian, and an MC among other things. 

Here is his story as told by WoK.


The comedian was born to David Sande Oyolo and the late Jennifer Atieno in January 1991. His mother took off and abandoned the family a week after his birth.


The funnyman was brought up by his stepmother who raised him as a her own. He has always consider her as his biological mother.

He looked for his biological mother while in high school and got to know her for three years before she passed away. 


The 32 year old began school at Our Lady of Mercy in Nairobi before the family was forced to move back to their village in Kakamega due to harsh economic times.

It was in the village that he learnt how difficult life could be. Going to school barefoot and studying in a building made of mud was the order of the day.

At some point, he would also live with his aunt and uncle and faced a lot of cruelty from the latter.

Speaking on Bonga na Jalas in 2020, he said the uncle would not allow him into the house before nightfall. He was tasked with ensuring baboons and monkeys didn’t steal crops in the farm.

At the time, there was no phone to communicate with his father and he attempted suicide for the first time at this point in his life. 

The TV presenter joined Agha Khan High School in Nairobi but was expelled. He was then taken to Western where they organized a strike and he ended up leaving school for a while.

He would then attempt to join two other schools in Central but was unsuccessful. In the first school, he fought with the head boy on the first day and was rejected in the next school. 

Finally, he joined Nwea Boys where he completed his KCSE. He also realized that he had ADHD. 

The brilliant personality joined university to undertake a law degree. However, barely three years into the course, he quit in order to pursue his passion in comedy.


Getting a job in the comedy world was not easy. He did a couple of roadshows and MC gigs that did not pay much.

After a series of disappointments, he landed a job as a comedian at Milele FM through his father’s help.

It is at Milele FM that the name Dr. Ofweneke was born. Initially, people thought he was Nigerian due to his ability to perfectly mimic the accent. He went on to become a show host at the station before being fired years later. 

Sande Bush also had stints in various shows including Vitimbi, Vioja Mahakamani and Governor. He also became a regular face on Churchill show.

As a presenter, he got the chance to host a night show on KTN. He also debuted as a host on Startimes’ Hello Mr. Right alongside Vera Sidika and is also currently hosting the show alongside Diana Marua. 

Currently , he works at Radio 47 hosting a show he believes is his calling. The show involves talking to men and he likes it a lot as he gets to share his experiences and offer advice to a lot of men. 


The presenter was initially married to Nicah the queen and the two went on to have two children before parting ways. Initially, a lot rumours about wife battery circulated.

However, the two went on to have a healthy co-parenting relationship. Recently while speaking to Obinna about his past marriage, he said the problem was putting the burden of happiness on one person.

He said that the two broke up while watching Netflix in the house. He also added that power bank relationships are draining since one charges the other person while forgetting about themselves. 

Dr. Ofweneke is currently married to Christine Tenderess and the two have a child together. He hopes that this would be his last marriage.