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Nisha Jepkoech: Form Four Leaver In Nandi County Earning Up to Ksh5,500 From Chapati Business 

Kenyans grapple with unemployment with many moving to the cities for a better life or seeking greener pastures in Europe or Gulf countries. After Nisha Jepkoech completed high school, she thought of moving to Eldoret or Nairobi.

However, she heard of stories of friends who still struggled after moving to bigger towns. This motivated her to start her own business, which has enabled her eke out a handsome living during this harsh economic times. 

Here is the story of Nisha Jepkoech as told by WoK.

The Business 

Nisha decided to get into the chapati making business in her Nandi Hills hometown. She knew that people would be willing to pay for well cooked chapatis.

Initially, she started with a bag of wheat flour which has grown to a whole bundle daily. Apart from chapati, she also sells tea and chips pushing her sales to about Ksh5,500 a day. 

The 23-year-old believes in the value of working hard and being independent. 

“Just like any other young lady, I have a lot of needs, which is why I work hard to earn a living rather than depend on my parents. With this business that has lasted two years, I provide for all personal effects that a lady requires, pay Ksh5,000 rent, and put food on the table,” she was quoted by Kenya News Agency. 

Growth, future ambition and advise to youths 

The hardworking chapati seller has been able to employ two people. She cooks while they deliver the orders to clients in the town.

“I have employed two ladies who assist me in my kiosk, for whom I pay Sh300 per day. They help me supply orders to my customers while I am busy cooking. I know that by the time they leave this place, they will have acquired the skill of chapati cooking that I also learnt from my mother,” she told KNA.

A typical day involves waking up at 5 a.m. and ensuring the chapatis are ready by 6 a.m. for those who want an early breakfast. The business closes at 10pm.

Her customers include people from different walks of life from boda boda riders, office workers, students to businesspeople. 

The businesswoman, whose dream is to own a restaurant, believes people should create opportunities.

According to her, there are many business opportunities that require minimal skills, such as, hawking household items, selling cereals and roasting maize. 

Nisha believes it is not worth getting depressed due to failure to secure a white collar jobs. She adds that with the current economic situation, youths should consider the informal sector as they wait for that dream job.

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