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Njenga Omondi: How Entrepreneur Established Successful Business From Two Rabbits

The Covid-19 pandemic ravaged world economies resulting in the shutdown of several businesses around the globe. Several other companies were forced to downsize rendering millions of people jobless in the process.

However, whereas the pandemic may have robbed many of their livelihood, the strained economic environment pushed several others out of their comfort zone, forcing them to be innovative and creative so as to generate income.

Njenga Omondi was a casualty of the job losses, forcing him to venture into a field he had once considered as a side hustle. The resident of Umoja Estate in Nairobi was forced to find alternative means of providing for his family.

He ventured into rabbit farming, something he had long considered venturing into but never found the time. With the newly found free time, Omondi was perfectly placed to explore his desire.

Njenga Omondi: From Losing Job During The Pandemic To Minting Money From Rabbit Venture In Nairobi
Rabbits at Njenga Omondi’s compound in Umoja Estate, Nairobi. |Courtesy| The Standard|

 “I have always been aware of the potential of this business considering the high demand of rabbit meat but I didn’t have time to start it,” Omondi told the Standard during an interview in February.

The father of two explains that it did not cost much to embark on his new venture. He contacted a local carpenter who developed a structure for his rabbits.

Since the farming venture requires little capital, Omondi set up the rabbit hutches within his compound and he was good to go.

“I started with only two rabbits and I thank God I already had the space for this business,” he said.

Omondi notes that he settled on rabbit farming since it is a relatively unexploited sector in Kenya and he wanted to reap the rewards of its uniqueness.

“Many people keep chickens or livestock but very few are interested in rabbits yet the returns come faster,” he explained.

The farm which began with two rabbits now has over 50 rabbits and they continue to multiply. He attributes the success of his farm to the high demand for rabbit products including meat, hides, and urine. He also notes that the venture has grown thanks to the high returns.

Since starting the venture, Omondi notes that he does not regrate a thing and has never considered seeking formal employment since the business sustains itself and his family.

He adds that it is easy to rear rabbits since they rarely get sick, unlike other animals. As long as proper hygiene is maintained, the rabbits are good.

“The good thing about rabbits is that you just have to ensure they are well fed in the morning and evening, plus keeping them hydrated,” Omondi explains.

Further, he notes that it is important to ensure the mesh floor is clean and free of droppings and urine.

Omondi’s clientele comprises of friends and farmers interested in breeders. He also sells to neighbours looking for rabbit meat, while some of his clients seek to keep them as pets.

He feeds his rabbits pellets of food supplements acquired from local distributors. He also feeds them vegetables from groceries which have to be well dried before feeding the rabbits.

Njenga Omondi notes that the prices of the rabbits depends on the size and can range from Ksh1,000 to Ksh25,000.