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Nyako Speaks On Losing Her Job Due To TikTok Content And Making Up To Ksh 1 Million Monthly On The Platform

Controversial content creator Rose Atieno, popularly known as Nyako has shared how her content cost her her job.

She runs a TikTok page where she shares her opinion on different trending stories as well as hosting lives.

In an interview with Vincent Mboya, Nyako revealed that she lost a job at an American Military School thanks to her TikTok content.

Despite losing the job, she clarified that she was happy and she cannot complain about her current situation.

The outspoken content creator pointed an accusing finger to a clique of what she termed as haters for her job loss.

Nyako explained that they forwarded videos from her TikTok lives to the school that she worked for, resulting in her losing her hob.

She said the department that she worked in was delicate and they had to let her go; she, however, moved to court and won the case against her employer.

“I won the court case against my employer and I’m good. I’m not going to drive the buses again and my life is even better,” Nyako said.

During the same interview, Nyako also mentioned that she is not afraid to discuss her past, further disclosing that she was previously engaged in prostitution.

In fact, she disclosed that the name ‘Nyako’ was given to her on the streets by ladies that they worked together.

“I cannot run away from my past, I can only change what I am now, but my past made me who I am,” Nyako stated.

Elsewhere, Nyako disclosed that the most she has earned from TikTok is €7,000 which is equivalent to Ksh 1 million.

She joined TikTok six months ago, and started earning soon after she started trending on the social media platform.

“TikTok is like a drug , you start for fun but once you get used to it, you always want to be in front of the camera,” Nyako said.