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Sandra Dacha: Acclaimed Actress Who Did Odd Jobs, Hawked Groundnuts To Make Ends Meet

Sandra Dacha is a top flying content creator and actress famed for her role, Silprosa, on drama series Auntie Boss.

As a content creator, she has worked with the likes of comedian Akuku Danger, Mulamwah, the late Ochonjo and Profate among others.

She as also worked with different brands as a brand influencer.

But who is Sandra and what is her story? Here is what WoK has managed to gather about the same.

Sandra was born on June 7, 1990 in Mukuru Kayaba slums in Nairobi County.

In an interview with Standard, the actress noted that she enjoys making friends, traveling and making scrumptious meals.

“I also think I am fun to be around with. My mantra in life is you only live once, so enjoy every moment,” Sandra explained.

Sandra also discussed her childhood life which she termed as tough since her mother was single and took care of their family all by herself.

The actress also note that she had to step up and hawk groundnuts in bars in order to supplement her mother’s income.

“The actor, Leonard Mambo Mbotela was one of my loyal customer. I used to make good money and I believe the whole experience shaped me to be the woman I am today,” she said.

In a past interview, the actress painfully revealed that she has been a rape survivor for the past 21  years.

Sandra claimed that the traumatizing incident took place when she was just nine years old.

“I used to help my mum sell njugu from when I was in class two. I have never told anyone this, not even my family, but while I was in this business, I was raped. Someone took advantage of me while I was only nine years old and in class three,” she said.

She met with her perpetrator while trying to find her way after getting lost in the park. The man whom she approached offered to accommodate her till the following morning.

“He took me to his wife and I was given a room where I slept on the floor but at night he would sneaked out of his wife’s room and came to defile me

“When morning came, he gave me Sh1000 and I went home but I developed some complications a few days later and had to be taken to hospital for treatment,” she emotionally said.

The 33-year-old lost her mother at a tender age, and had to move from place to place as the struggle was harsh.

She survived on odd jobs before becoming rising to become an acclaimed actress.

In 2020, Sandra revealed that she would stay in a mud house paying Ksh 100 a month before moving to an iron-sheets house where she would now pay Ksh 200.

Sandra’s first ever role on TV was as an extra on a show dubbed, The Hospital, produced by Zamaradi Production.

“I was so excited. From there, I started getting calls for different roles and that is how Aunty Boss came knocking,” she said.

On landing her role on Auntie Boss, she mentioned that film producer Lucy Mwangi picked her from the Kenya National Theatre.

At the time, Sandra explained, Mwangi was looking for a cast of her body size.

“I am very comfortable with my body size and I always tell plus size women to love themselves. Through this, they will attract love in return,” she said.

Aunti Boss came to an end in September 2022 after 22 seasons that aired on NTV and Maisha Magic East.

Moonbeam Productions, owned by Eve D’Souza and Lucy Mwangi, and are behind the production, shared an emotional message on social media thanking fans for their support.

Sources say that the COVID-19 pandemic forced the cut after budgets were slashed and shooting turned into a nightmare.