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Otile Brown Net Worth, YouTube Earnings And How Much He Charges Per Show

Being a celebrity in Kenya is no walk in the park. Ask one Jack Juma Bunga, popularly known as Otile Brown, about how being a celebrity in this country doesn’t necessarily translate to ‘big money’. His short lived romantic dalliance with socialite turned musician Vera Sidika opened the veil. Vera ranted on social media platforms how Otile Brown was perpetually broke. Apparently, he was asking for one favor after another and this did not augur well with one of the richest socialite in the region. And what irked Vera the most was the fact that he had a miniscule manhood.

Music Journey

Away from Vera tirades, Otile is not really what you would label a broke struggling artiste. In Kenyan standards, he has actually done very well. For a man whose journey to stardom was with its fair share of hurdles, Otile has churned hits after hits and consistently. Brought up and raised in Mombasa, the ‘Tamu Sana’ artist, songwriter and fashionista moved to Nairobi in 2012. His vocal prowess so impressed Dr Eddie that he signed him. He was now under Dreamland Music Entertainment record label. And this is a compressed version of his journey to the apex music career-atleast for now.


The singing sensation was destined for greater things. His lyrical mastery attracted A-list artists who lined up in droves to work with him. Some notables’ names he worked on collaboes with him include Khaligraph Jones, Kaka Sungura, DJ Piere, Bongo Shetta and some more works with Nigerians singers.

How much does he earn on YouTube? Here are the estimates as provided by au.youtubers.me

Otile Brown Official estimated earnings by months

month estimated earnings
November 2018 $ 2.57K
October 2018 $ 5.51K
September 2018 $ 5.91K
August 2018 $ 5K
July 2018 $ 2.42K
June 2018 $ 1.9K
May 2018 $ 2.2K
April 2018 $ 2.04K
March 2018 $ 449
February 2018 $ 619
January 2018 $ 669
December 2017 $ 307
November 2017 $ 486
October 2017 $ 380
August 2017 $ 94
May 2017 $ 134
March 2017 $ 22

Otile’s Chaguo La Moyo featuring Sanaipei Tande attracted over 8 million views on YouTube-his total views have reached 27 million plus. This is a rarity for most artists in Kenya. Most of his videos have garnered over 1 million views.

Skiza Tunes Income
To be updated

How Much Does Otile Brown Charge Per Show?

The vocalist claimed early this year that he is the highest paid artiste in Kenya. He was quoted as saying:

“Yes, I’m the highest-paid artiste. I don’t wanna put anybody down but trust me, I got the facts. People assume but they don’t know what’s going on on the ground.”

“We are talking about music, so I’m saying I’m the highest-paid artiste in the 254.”

While he did not put a figure on how much he demands to grace a show, the rnb singer takes home between kes150,000 and kes200,000 to thrill his legion of fans.

Properties under his name

He wanted a Mercedes Benz so bad that he loaned his ex-flame Vera Sidika. Bad mistake. Before he started pestering Vera to loan him kes500k top up to buy a Mercedes-if her version of events is to be believed-Otile drove a Mark X. Not a bad car but he desperately wanted an upgrade. Anyway, Otile eventually bought his dream car-a Mercedes Benz without the help of Vera.

His net worth

To be updated.

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