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Harmonize Net Worth, YouTube Earnings And How Much He Charges Per Show

Tanzania is home to good music that resonates beyond its borders. Harmonize is as popular in his home turf as he is in Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda. He commands a following in Zambia, Nigeria, the DRC-simply put, his music has a regional as well as an international appeal. Mentored by Diamond-an even bigger name-the ‘Kwangwaru’ hitmaker is one of the most sought after artist in the region.

Starting out
The WCB Wasafi records signed artist rise to fame has been astronomical. Juggling between love ballads, conscious music and the outright naughty songs coupled with raunchy videos, have buoyed the once struggling artist to superstardom. ‘Ayiola’, a song he collaborated with Diamond in 2015, catapulted Harmonize to fame and fortune. Most of his videos on YouTube have over 5 million views, a feat very few musicians can achieve. This coupled with the many bookings he has been able to attract have made him a wealthy young man. But it has not always been rosy. In a past interview with a leading radio station in Tanzania, Harmonize said of his humble beginnings:

‘’Nilikuwa nauza chai Kariokor, naamka saa kumi alfajiri natengeneza chai naenda kuuza.’’ (I used to prepare tea at 4 am which I would hawk in Kariokor market, the artist is quoted as saying)

‘’Unajua maisha ya waafrika wengi sio mazuri na wenye Maisha mazuri ni wachache sana. Niko kati ya wale walioyapitia maisha magumu sana japo kuwa si vizuri kuzungumza juu ya up and downs, japo naona mtu akizungumza anawapa motisha wengi.’’ (Africans have a tough life and I was no exception. Although I don’t like talking about what I went through, I think it motivates many…”, the artist added.

So how much does he earn on YouTube?

Harmonize revealed that he has made over Tsh270million on YouTube since 2016. That translates to kes11.8 million.
Here is the estimate in USD of how much Harmonize has made on YouTube over the years courtesy of cz.youtubers.me

Harmonize estimated earnings by months

month estimated earnings
November 2018 $ 9.18K
October 2018 $ 11.4K
September 2018 $ 14.8K
August 2018 $ 13.4K
July 2018 $ 11.7K
June 2018 $ 12.1K
May 2018 $ 15.5K
April 2018 $ 11.6K
March 2018 $ 3.82K
February 2018 $ 3.32K
January 2018 $ 3.72K
December 2017 $ 3.96K
November 2017 $ 5.15K
October 2017 $ 7.35K
September 2017 $ 4.41K
August 2017 $ 5.51K
July 2017 $ 5.71K
June 2017 $ 4.01K
May 2017 $ 5.76K
April 2017 $ 5.21K
March 2017 $ 4.75K
February 2017 $ 2.3K
January 2017 $ 2.59K
December 2016 $ 2.98K
November 2016 $ 2.8K
October 2016 $ 123

How much does Harmonize charge per show

He is an A-list artist who doesn’t come cheap. He commands upwards of USD10,000 (Kes1 million) for show outside his home country, as was the case during the launch of High Club mid this year.

Properties he owns
Harmonize was full of praise for his new address saying it was arguably the best in Dar es Salaam if not Tanzania.

“Nasema ukweli mimi nyumba yangu ikiisha, nyumba ninayo jenga mimi sijui nitakuwa msanii wa pili wa Dar es Salaam au Tanzania kuwa na nyumba kali, ya kwanza ni Diamond ambayo nayo haijaisha ila ipo katika hatua za mwisho,” (Once my house is complete it will be the best in Dar es Salaam if not Tanzania. The best house is probably belongs to Diamond”, Harmonize proudly said of his house.

The house is tastefully designed and speaks volumes of his vast wealth from music proceeds.

Cars Owned By Harmonize
The artist owns an Audi, Toyota VX and a Rav4.