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Pascal Tokodi: He Wanted To Buy A Demio To Begin Life, Wife Insisted On Ksh1.9 Million CX5-Reasons Why Power Couple Split

Celebrity couples, appearing in pure bliss and happiness on social media, often mask their troubled relationships behind closed curtains.

Before the dust settled on the highly publicized split between Philip Karanja and Kate Actress, news emerged of Pascal Tokodi and former NTV’s Crossover host Grace Ekirapa’s separation. 

Here is what led to the two to separate as gathered by WoK,

Pascal and Grace Marriage 
The couple married in a hushed invite only ceremony in October 2020. According to Nairobi News, their relationship has been anything but happy.

Away from the happy facade displayed on social media, media personalities lived beyond their means in an effort to maintain a lavish lifestyle they could hardly afford.

Tokodi was covering most of the bills, given that his wife was a stay-at-home mom.

Renovating rented house

Tokodi and his wife reportedly spent thousands to renovate their rental house in Kitengela to meet their standards. Grace is said to have been tired of Kitengela and suggested they move to Limuru where she would be close to her sisters. 

Pascal was always under pressure to maintain their expensive lifestyle. 

“Grace grew tired of living in Kitengela and suggested they move to Limuru because she wanted to be close to her sisters. They would again renovate the house, remembering Pascal is the one footing all these bills because Grace is technically jobless. Throughout their marriage the pressure has always been for Pascal to maintain their expensive lifestyle,” he said. 

Financial strains

When the couple tied the knot they did not own a car. Pascal wanted to buy an affordable car, preferably a Demio but Grace vetoed the idea saying they needed a bigger car. 

The actor went on to buy a Mazda CX-5 at Ksh1.9 million on a loan that he is still servicing to date.

“Pascal and I are super close, and what he said to me is he preferred to buy a cheaper whip, preferably a Demio to begin life with, but Grace advised they get a much bigger machine. That’s how Pascal took a loan and purchased the Mazda CX-5 at Sh1.9 million that you might have seen him cruise around with. He is still servicing the car loan,” the source was quoted.

Grace is said to have had issues with Pascal’s friends and people he used to associate with. Some of his friends cut links with him and she did not want him to even do a collabo with King Kaka saying he was exploiting him.

The two have since gone separate ways with Pascal moving to Karen “where he had been living before they met, and Grace remained in Limuru where they had been living together,” the source told the online news outlet.

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