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Patrick Sumba: Teacher Who Ended Up Working As Security Guard, Supermarket Attendant In The US Despite Successful Career In Kenya

Patrick Sumba Mutoro is a teacher by profession who has specialized in mathematics and physics.

Sumba worked in several Kenyan schools before he landed an opportunity to live and work in the United States after winning a green card.

However, his transition from Kenya to the US was not easy as, after arrival, he could only work as a caregiver or security guard.

Her undertook the available jobs until he obtained the requisite credentials to apply for a teaching job in the US.

Here is Sumba’s story as told by WoK.


Sumba worked at Mudavadi Girls’ High School as a mathematics and physics teacher immediately after completing his teacher’s training.

Following a successful stint at Mudavadi Girls’, he moved to Mutonge High School where he served for four years.

However, the pay was not enough forcing him to quit his Teacher Service Commission (TSC) job, after which he joined Laiser High School.

At Laser High School, he worked for three years before he joined Testimony School in Eldoret where he served as the headmaster.

He left the Eldoret-based school in 2000 for a headmaster role at Talent High School where he served for a while before moving to Brookshine.

He later joined Sunshine High School where he worked for six years after being fired from Brookshine for not meeting the expected standards.

Green card

While going about his business in Nairobi, Sumba came across an advertisement for green card applications.

He made the application and as fate would have it, he won the green card giving him an opportunity to work and live in the US.

Sumba participated in the due process before relocating to the US where he was treated to an instant shock upon arrival.

After arrival in the US, he discovered that he could only work as a security guard or a caregiver while finding his footing in the foreign country.

“I did not come across any organization similar to TSC which employs teachers in Kenya. When I inquired about it, I discovered that in order to teach in the first grade, a Bachelor’s degree is a prerequisite,” he said.

With no options left, Sumba took the security job which he underwent training for. He also worked as a supermarket attendant later.

While at it, he came across an advertisement for the Grand Canyon teacher preparatory course which he applied.

Sumba would take online classes in the evening after completing his day work and after completing the course, he was able to apply for teaching jobs.

“Before deciding to move to the US, compare what you have in Kenya and what is at stake abroad. Sometimes you relocate and find whatever is on the table is not what you expected,” he advised.

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