Juliet Kennedy: The Entrepreneur Behind Greenspoon; Nairobi’s Biggest Online Grocery Store

Many Kenyans in urban centres have a problem with knowing the source of the foods they consume. It is true that the wrong use of pesticides may lead to the  chemicals leaking into our tables.

This is a big concern especially with nutritionists linking various foods to the rise of non-communicable diseases.

Juliet Kennedy, an award winning entrepreneur par excellence is a woman whose nascent idea turned to be the panacea for most Nairobians looking for quality food.

Juliet is the founder of Greenspoon, an online food supermarket that places emphasis on the quality of food consumed.

Here is the story as told by WoK:

Began business using a container 

Juliet began her business in 2016 when she was just starting to wean her baby. As a caring mother, she was deeply concerned with the source of foods that her baby would eat.

Juliet Kennedy is the CEO of Greenspoon, an online grocery supermarket dedicated to supplying quality foods. [Photo|https://ke.endasportswear.com/blogs/news/a-world-where-equal-opportunities-thrive-not-just-exist]
She recalls reading of various farmers using ARVs to boost the growth of chicken. When she sought to inquire in supermarkets about their suppliers, she didn’t get any satisfactory answer.

At the time there were articles about antiretroviral (ARV) HIV drugs being injected into chickens to make them grow faster,” she told Business Daily.

With that in mind, she chose to do her due diligence by visiting farms and examining how food production was done.

I felt like I wasn’t able to drill down to information about the source of meat and meat products that I was finding in supermarkets.”

“I started to look around myself and began working directly with producers that I trusted,” she said in a past interview.

Using a ksh 1.2 million capital, Juliet incepted Greenspoon and purchased a 20 ft container where she would stock groceries from farmers and sell to consumers.

Exponential Growth 

Juliet owes the growth of Greenspoon to creating raving fans which led to a positive  ‘snowball’ effect. They say customers are the bloodline of any business and they  referred more clients to them.

Greenspoon emphasizes strict supplier criteria with regards to use of preservatives and additives. Additionally, the meat supplied to Greenspoon has to be from pasture fed and free range animals.

Under Juliet’s tutelage, the company has grown from only 50 products to currently sell 3000 plus products. The firm has also employed at least 65 people.


Greenspoon has invested heavily in operating online. They then deliver to their customers through use of electric vehicles and electric motorbikes.

In 2021, the company received a growth capital from Dutch investors.

Juliet was also feted among the top 10 women CEOs of the year 2022. Her company was third in sustainability because it had incorporated environmental, social and governance strategies.