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Peter Ndigwa Biography: Death In The Hands Of Rogue Lover Caroline Kangogo

The murder of Peter Ndigwa Njiru sent shock waves among members of the public, especially after it was revealed that he was murdered by the now infamous police officer Caroline Kangogo. The officer has been on the run after being linked to two murders. While police were busy looking for her in Nakuru after snuffing out the life of John Ogweno, she had already made it to Kiambu where she committed another heinous crime, this time the victim being Peter Ndwiga. It was reported that on the day leading up to his murder, he and Caroline had been having drinks at Jogoo Kimakia Hotel in Thika. They then proceeded to the hotel where Caroline shot him at point blank range.


Peter Ndigwa was 32-years-old at the time of his death. He hailed from Embu county. 


He dropped out of high school in Form Three because his father faced financial constraints. His father told the Standard:

“When he was in Form Three at Nyangwa Boys’ High School in Gachoka, Embu County, he dropped out because of school fee challenges. I was educating all my four children at the same time then. Ndwiga, who saw my struggles, decided to drop out and pursue a driving course”


Peter Ndigwa Biography: Death In The Hands Of Rogue Lover Caroline Kangogo
Peter Ndigwa Wife Image/Dailypost

The deceased was a polygamist but still had an affair with Caroline Kangogo. He often visited her at her work station in Nakuru. He was married to Margaret Wambui and Purity Wanderi. Ndwiga had two children, both below the age of 10 with his young wife and a 13 year old with his first wife. The deceased father’s name is Alex Njiru and his mother’s name is Justina Njiru. 

One of Ndwiga’s wife said that her husband never slept out.

Speaking to Citizen TV, Ndwiga’s dad said he had never met or heard of Caro until now. 

“Msichana anaitwa Caro sijawahi muona na sijamskia” (loosely translated: The lady known as Caro is a stranger to me”)

His wedding to Purity Wandiri was colorful before the two went separate ways:

“I remember how colourful his wedding to his first wife was. It was held in Embu Town. Unfortunately, his marriage developed issues, which led to its collapse. He, however, fell in love with another woman, Wambui, whom he met in Nakuru County during his short stay there,”  Ndigwa’s mother told the Standard.


The slain man was often spotted in classy elegant outfits owned a security firm known as  Superb Security Group Limited. It had branches in Nairobi, Machakos, Kiambu, Mombasa, Kisumu, Kakamega, Meru, and Embu. Ndwiga’s firm offered consultancy services, CCTV intruder alarms, private investigations and electric fencing. 

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He met his untimely death in the hands of Caroline Kangogo who has been described a rogue, armed and dangerous. This came a day after she had fatally shot corporal John Ogweno in Nakuru. After ruthlessly cutting short his life, she walked out of the room and told a staff at the hotel she was going out to buy toothpaste- only to vanish into thin air. The man’s body was found lying on the bed with a fatal bullet wound and blood scattered all over the bedding. The beddings were also scattered which seemed to indicate there was a struggle right before he was killed. 

Speaking to Citizen TV, Ndwiga’s dad said he had never met or heard of Caro.
Receipt of the room Kangogo paid for before killing Ndwiga Image/Courtesy

Interestingly, the two had earlier in the day spotted enjoying drinks. 

Family and friends identified the body at General Kago Funeral Home at Thika Level 5 Hospital and made preliminary reports at Juja police station. 

Plot twist

Latest reports claim that Peter may have had a hand in the murder of the Nakuru cop John Ogweno. It is believed that he helped Caroline escape from Nakuru after murdering her colleague. If these reports are true, it means that Peter helped cover up or even commit a murder only to end up being a victim by  the same person she was helping.