Purity Wandiri Profile: Peter Ndwiga Dumped First Wife When He Became Successful

The murder of businessman Peter Ndigwa Njiru by police constable Caroline Kangogo continues to dominate banter on the social media platforms and the mainstream media. According to reports in the Nation newspaper, Peter was fatally shot by Caroline in a revenge inspired attack after he sold the cop a car that had faulty papers and was adamant to refund her the cash. The other theory is that she is on a revenge mission to kill her lovers including her ex-husband who is a senior police officer stationed in Mombasa. Peter Ndwiga has been described as an ambitious man who left his first wife when he tasted success in his businesses. He was married to Purity Wandiri and the couple had a child together. He married a second wife, Margaret Wambui, and Caroline was said to be his side lover. 

Purity Wandiri

Purity Wandiri is the woman who has been identified as Ndwiga’s first wife. The 37-year-old says she got married to Peter in 2006 followed by a church wedding at the local branch of Full Gospel Church of Kenya. The two met in Mbeere, Embu county were happily married and even started a business together.

Purity Wandiri Profile: Peter Ndwiga Dumped First Wife When He Became Successful
Peter’s first wife described him as an aggressive businessman Image/Courtesy


Peter and Purity had one daughter who is currently 13-years-old. After Peter left, Caroline has been raising their daughter on her own. 


Ms. Wandiri and Peter ran a wholesale shop in Kiritiri, Mbeere. Their marriage was flourishing and the business was also performing well. 

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In 2013, however, the bliss came to an end after Peter left his family and relocated to Thika. Purity could not understand why as the family business was flourishing and their marriage was okay. Peter then moved to Nairobi where he founded Superb Security company which he ran alongside his friends  until the time of his death.

Purity Wandiri Profile: Peter Ndwiga Dumped First Wife When He Became Successful
A number of theories have been advanced as to why he killed Peter Image/Courtesy

According to Purity, she did not know that her husband had married another woman. When she heard of his death, she travelled to Nairobi to identify him. While viewing her husband’s body at the mortuary, she discovered he had married another woman and that they had two kids together. He husband family did not want her to give a statement to the media but she did so nonetheless. 

She describes her late husband as a shrewd businessman who had vast connections. His only problem was being led astray by money and bad company.