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Peter Omosa: I Went Broke After Selling My Buses, Cars, And Chemist Shops To Fund My Campaign

Peter Omosa’s life took a transformative turn when he decided to become a catalyst for change in his community.

It all began in 2017 when his church in Embakasi South encouraged him to step into a leadership role.

Fueled by this inspiration, Peter ventured into politics, but his first attempt ended in defeat.

Undeterred by his initial setback, Peter saw a glimmer of hope in a by-election in 2019.

However, once again, he faced disappointment as victory eluded him.

The circumstances surrounding the allocation of the ODM party ticket to his competitor, Irshadali Sumra, left him questioning the transparency of the process.

I was in ODM, there was a coalition called NASA and there was also my competitor Irshadali Sumra. He was given the ODM party ticket under unclear circumstances, my supporters asked me to go the independent candidate route,” Omosa said.

In response, Peter made a bold decision to run as an independent candidate, garnering support from his loyal followers.

Known for his genuine and approachable nature, Peter built strong connections with the people he aimed to represent.

He took the time to engage with individuals, exchanging pleasantries and immersing himself in their concerns and aspirations.

These interactions shaped his understanding of the community’s needs and fueled his commitment to bringing about positive change.

However, the challenges didn’t end there.

In the 2022 election, Peter faced a significant setback when he missed out on a ticket from the Azimio la Umoja coalition.

Financial constraints plagued his campaign, leaving him unable to compete with candidates who relied on the prevalent “handout culture” during elections.

In a display of personal sacrifice, Peter had to relinquish his public service buses, chemist shops, and a high-end vehicle to fund his campaign.

Amidst the financial difficulties, Peter’s wife played a pivotal role by refusing to sell a piece of land they owned.

“I had a piece of land somewhere, which I almost sold. But my wife refused,” he recalled during an Interview with Citizen Digital.

With the support of his friends, he managed to acquire a motorcycle, which became his source of livelihood.