Prison Staff Get Salary And Allowances Increment 

Prison Staff Get Salary And Allowances Increment 
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By Staff Writer

Prison staff will receive their fourth phase of salaries and allowances pay rise as was approved by the Public Service Commission (PSC) in a bid to harmonise it with that of the National Police Service (NPS). 

According to the Commissioner General of Prisons Wycliffe Ogalo, all cadres of prison staff will benefit from the increment. This development saw the Kenya Prisons Service do away with  the senior assistant commissioner and senior deputy commissioner of prisons ranks in order to effectively align the salaries with that of the NPS. 

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The Commissioner General said that the salary will be backdated to July 1. 

Prison trainees will now receive kes20,740. Constable will get a maximum of kes38,980 before a promotion. 

Those in job group 14 will receive kes323,640 from kes212,270. 

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