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Prize Money Won By Caster Semenya At The Meeting de Montreuil

Double Olympic 800m champion Caster Semenya continued to make headlines after emerging the winner over 2,000m at the Meeting de Montreuil in 5 minutes 38.19 seconds. Ethiopian duo of Hawe Heysa and Adanech came in second and third respectively.

Semenya win and race is the first since appealing the decision by IAAF to restrict testosterone levels in female runners. The 28 year athlete has received overwhelming support from her country following the ruling by IAAF.

The decision by IAAF means that the athlete will have to forfeit 800m race which is her specialty. If the South African decides to go ahead and compete in the 800 m, Semenya will be required to take testosterone-reducing medicine.
She told BBC:

“I can run any event I want. It can be 100m, 200m, the long jump, heptathlon, you name it.”

“Even if I have to withdraw from the 800m, it doesn’t matter no more, I think I have won everything I ever wanted.

“I am not an idiot, why would I take drugs? I am a pure athlete, not a cheat. They should focus on doping not us.”

Semenya has appealed to Switzerland’s Federal Supreme Court after she lost one of the most followed cases at the Court of Arbitration for Sport last month.

How Much Did the Athlete win at the event
The talented sportswoman estimated prize money at the Paris met is $15,000 (ZAR 221883.64).