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Propesa Biography, Real Names, Age, Education, Career And YouTube Earnings

By Faith Nyambeki 

Gone are the days when Television and radio stations were the only avenues for creatives to showcase their talents. Social media platforms and YouTube have propelled a good number of artists to fame and fortune.

The likes of Njungush, Jaymo Yule Msee, Eric Omondi are among comedians who are making a decent living from their YouTube videos. And the trend is picking up as more established Kenyan celebrities are creating YouTube channels as a side hustle.

This writer takes a look at the journey of the famous Propesa group-and in particular Kimtai Ruto-who have become an internet sensation thanks to their famous clips. 

Real Names 

Dennis Ruto aka Kiptangus, Dennis Too real name Chemosi, Kimtai Ruto-who has come to be known as Propesa and Kiprono Ruto aka Larry Matayo, who doubles up as the group cameraman. 


Propesa is the name of the group but has come to be associated with Kimtai Ruto who is the most visible in the group. The funnyman forms the basis of this article. 


The man who has come to be known for his imaginary ‘Halo William’ phone calls, was a pupil at Chemaner Primary school and Kaporuso primary school. He joined Boron Secondary school for his O-Levels and attained a C+ (Plus). Kimtai joined Rift Valley Institute of Science and Technology (RV). 


The four were staying in the same compound while in college. Propesa and Kiptagus were students at RV while Chemosi and Matayo were at Egerton University and Mount Kenya University respectively.

Due to financial constraints, the four moved in together in a bedsitter to save on the little they had. It’s at this bedsitter that the group was formed.

In an interview with EveWoman, Kimutai revealed that he wanted to be on TV although he studied Information Technology. After graduating, he worked at Kass FM and now does comedy pieces on Chamgei FM with his colleagues every Tuesday from 2PM to 4PM. 

Big break

The idea that they could do something and earn from it was born in their humble abode. Propesa, then working for KASS FM was asked to do a sport story.

Knowing that Rift Valley is dominated by Athletics news and there was nothing to really report about they decided to do a comical clip instead.

The piece was a prayer to Manchester United in their mother tongue. Kimutai was skeptical that it would be played on radio and instead shared it with his Whatsapp contacts. The audio went viral and spurred them to do more. 

Interestingly the group does not use sophisticated equipment for their videos. They use a phone to record their clips. Larry Matayo is the camera man cum director while Chemosi is the producer and doubles up as the cast. Kiptangus is the creativity guy. 

Meeting Deputy President William Ruto 

It was not until 2019 that the group in their signature brown ‘chargets’ met president William Ruto, then deputy to Uhuru Kenyatta. This was a dream come true to a group that made imaginary phone calls to the then DP.

Propesa Biography, Real Names, Age, Education, Career And YouTube Earnings
Propesa comedy group met Ruto in 2019 for the first time Photo/Courtesy

YouTube Earnings via YouTubers.me

75K subscribers

Video views-9 million and counting

Video Count-175

date video views estimated earnings
22.04.2020 Wed +18,793 $ 7 – $ 42
17.04.2020 Fri +28,115 $ 10 – $ 63
10.04.2020 Fri +13,970 $ 5 – $ 31
07.04.2020 Tue +560,000 $ 210 – $ 1.26K
24.02.2020 Mon +23,526 $ 8 – $ 52
18.02.2020 Tue +9,835 $ 3 – $ 22
13.02.2020 Thu +5,286 $ 1 – $ 11
11.02.2020 Tue +1,435 $ 0 – $ 3
10.02.2020 Mon +8,720 $ 3 – $ 19
08.02.2020 Sat +3,377 $ 1 – $ 7
07.02.2020 Fri +10,899 $ 4 – $ 24
04.02.2020 Tue +11,259 $ 4 – $ 25
02.02.2020 Sun +6,252 $ 2 – $ 14
31.01.2020 Fri +2,504 $ 0 – $ 5