Kenyans Of Indian Origin Who Control The Economy Of Kenya 

Kenyans Of Indian Origin Who Control The Economy Of Kenya 
Vimal Shah Family Has Contributed To The Growth Of The Kenyan Economy Photo/Courtesy

By Faith Nyambeki

Kenyan-Indians are the true definition of what hardwork and discipline is all about. And you have to admire their business acumen that has made them a main cog driving the Kenyan economy. Some have accused Kenyan-Indians traders of treating their workers inhumanely but that’s a story for another day. Apart from trade, Kenyan-Indians have flourished in other professions in the public and private sector. Here is the list of dollar millionaires who control the economy of Kenya. 

Bhimji Depar Shah & Family

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Net worth: $700M


Bhimji Depar Shah-33.3 percent

Vimal Shah-33.3 percent

Tarun Shah-33.3 percent

He is many things in one: father, industrialist and entrepreneur. Born in Mombasa in 1931, Bhimji Depar Shah went full throttle into manufacturing and made it big. Typical of Indians, he works with his sons Vimal Shah and Tarun Shah who have major stakes in Bidco Industries-the largest manufacturer of edible oils in Kenya. 

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Naushad Merali 

Estimated networth: Over $400 million

The past two years have not been favorable to a man whose business astuteness is not in question. He was conned Kes10 million by a caller who sounded and pretended to be President Uhuru kenyatta. The caller wanted the money as facilitation fees to assist in purchasing a piece of land. The Sameer chairman swallowed the bait and that’s how he lost his millions to cons. This year, Sameer Africa called it a day in its tyre distribution business. The firm has now turned its attention in property investments that include land holdings, 25 percent stake in Sameer Business Park and 100 percent stake in Sameer Industrial Park. 

Manu Chandaria

Net worth: $1.7 billion

The chairman of Comcraft group was Born on 1 March 1929. With his tentacles spread in 16 countries with a workforce of over 40,000, the group produces steel, plastics, and aluminum products. Chandaria has given a lot to charitable causes in Africa. 

Adil Popat

Networth: kes10 billion

The billionaire learned a great deal from his later father Abdul Karim Popat. He sits at the helm of Simba Corporation, a sole distributor in Kenya of Mahindra, Renault and Mitsubishi. Also deals in luxury hotels, financial services and engineering. 

Baloobhai Patel

Networth: ksh2.4 billion

He was born in 1938. Patel is the owner of  Transworld Safaris Limited. Other business interest include: 

Bamburi Cement

Carbacid Investments

Diamond Trust Bank Group



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