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Richest Members of County Assembly (MCAs) in Kenya

The Members of County Assembly (MCAs) or ward representatives have a key role to play in the counties. They are the closest officials to...
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Richest Members of County Assembly (MCAs) in Kenya

The Members of County Assembly (MCAs) or ward representatives have a key role to play in the counties. They are the closest officials to the people and provide a linkage between the county assembly and the electorate on public service delivery among other roles. While playing these important roles, a section of these MCAs are known for their flamboyance and immense wealth. 

This article focuses on some of the known richest MCAs in the country. 

Richest Members of County Assembly (MCAs) in Kenya
He Is One Of The Most Flamboyant MCA In Kenya Image/Courtesy


Elijah Njoroge

The Biashara ward MCA has been referred to as the most flamboyant politician in the country. He eats life with a big spoon and is not afraid to show off. He drives luxurious vehicles that have customized number plates. At one point, he even gifted a car to a pastor during a fundraiser and promised to help build the church. The ward representative made headlines in Juja in 2018 after arriving at his traditional wedding ceremony in a chopper. 

Previously, he had served as Kiambu county assembly majority chief whip until he resigned on 22nd November 2018. Although his source of wealth remains a mystery, he definitely enjoys a luxurious life. 

Locals even claim he owns a chopper. (See cost of hiring a chopper in Kenya)

Richest Members of County Assembly (MCAs) in Kenya
Cyrus Nguri Kagwi In A Past Event Image/Courtesy

Cyrus Ngure Kagwi

Cyrus Ngure, nicknamed American boy, is the MCA of Rugi ward. Kagwi won the seat after proving he was a man of means who was not looking for the seat just to enrich himself. From campaigning with a Hummer​ to taking a photo beside his Mercedes E 350, one can comfortably say that he is a rich man. The MCA lived in the USA for more than a decade and was well known for his second hand clothes business.

As a businessman, he made enough money to enable him to live a comfortable lifestyle. In fact, he said what he receives as an MCA is pennies compared to what he made as a businessman. Even before becoming an MCA, he started a foundation that sought to help the people of the ward he now runs.

Richest Members of County Assembly (MCAs) in Kenya
Joachim Okech Popularly Known As Swagga Image/Courtesy

Joachim Okech

Growing up in the slums, this is one man that knows how difficult life can be. While in college, he began operating pool tables at social places for only sh20 per game. He saved his money and even began organizing game shows. With time, not only did he establish himself but he also helped the people in the community.

He has earned the nickname Swagga from locals because he dresses in the most elegant and stylish clothes and also drives aluxury vehicle. He believes that for him politics is not a way to make himself rich but rather a way to give back to the community. As an MCA, the money he earns is little compared to what he gets from his vast business interests. He owns matatus, pubs and also has interests in the real estate business. He believes that having grown up in the slums, he best understands the challenges those from low income backgrounds encounter. He represents the people of Kondele ward, Kisumu county.

Richest Members of County Assembly (MCAs) in Kenya
John Theuri Image/Courtesy

John Theuri

This is a man who once said his emergence in the political world was out of curiosity. Having established successful business ventures, he wanted to know what life as a public servant involved and believes his office is mainly to help the people and not to enrich himself. In fact, he said as an MCA, he makes very little compared to what his businesses make.

Theuri started out as a phone repair man before saving up and starting his own phone selling business. He then saw an opportunity to make money through Safaricom’s Mpesa. Thus, he started an Mpesa agency that currently hosts over 100 Mpesa shops. He believes in taking whatever opportunity is granted to him and when he saw a way to make money through real estate, he got into the real estate business. His businesses alone are enough to sustain him and ensure he lives life comfortably. He represents Iriaini ward. 

Pauline Wanjira Looking Elegant Image/Courtesy

Pauline Wanjira

The Magutu Ward MCA dabbles in business and has made substantial amounts through her hustles. When she wanted to join politics, family members did not understand how she would manage being an MCA and run her business. The MCA made her wealth through the construction business. At first, she worked for a construction company as a marketer before being promoted to the position of marketing manager. 

Later, she decided to venture out on her own and started her own business of selling construction materials. The business grew and she only joined politics so as to be able to serve the people of Magutu Ward.