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Murega Baichu: Background, Fathering Six Children, Career And What Meru County Boss Kawira Mwangaza Found Attractive In Him 

Robert Murega Rimberia, popularly referred to as Murega Baichu, is a musician, manager, and co-owner at Baite. He has a number of songs which are quite popular in the Meru community.

However, he was propelled to the national limelight following his relationship with Meru governor Kawira Mwangaza. He has always supported his wife and this was best seen during the electioneering period when he played the guitar while singing praises directed at her . 

In fact, upon her win in the 2022 gubernatorial race, Mwangaza thanked Baichu and praised his guitar skills which she believes helped them clinch the seat.

“He always carried it and played it to the people in every rally and meetings I held. People loved to watch and listen to his music he played praising me and the people of Meru. I can say 50 per cent of my win was contributed by the instrument,” she said. 

Baichu is also a host at the Meru TV Station. Alongside his wife, they serve as hosts at Baite Family Sunday Live Service. Apart from hosting, he also pastors. 

Relationship with Kawira 

Murega and Kawira got married in a beautiful wedding ceremony in Meru in 2018. During a previous interview, he said that it was his skill with the guitar that attracted the legislator to him. He went on to state that Kawira was a fan of his music and would attend concerts and other events where he performed. 

“She would go crazy whenever I played the guitar and till today, she likes when I play the guitar even in church,” he said. 

The musician added that his wife also loved the way he dressed with his signature panama hats. 

When she ventured into politics, he chose to support his wife and even offered to be her personal assistant, something that set tongues wagging. 

“Even though she has government secretaries, I found it very crucial to be her personal assistant since being her man, I know her challenges and what she needs to be successful,”  Baichu stated when his wife was Meru Woman Representative.

Sh1.2 Million Claim 

During her swearing in ceremony, Murega Baichu was among the musicians who lined up to perform. With his iconic guitar, he celebrated his wife’s win. This would later lead to speculations that he was paid Sh1.2 million for the performance.

The governor, however, rubbished these claims. She was not part of the committee that organized the ceremony adding that her husband was not paid even a shilling for his performance.

Others have also opined that she should keep her love life away from politics. They seem to be of the opinion that Baicu is everywhere especially after pictures of him attending an official meeting which the county boss held emerged. 

Family Neglect Allegations 

In 2020, reports emerged on local dailies that Robert Murega had neglected his first family. He had reportedly been married under the customary law to Sabina but the two parted in 2015. His daughter told The Standard that their family had been neglected and she had no means of joining college. 

“I have applied for my college and university and my dream is to pursue a KMTC diploma. I might get admitted but I am not sure that my mother will be able to pay for the course,” she said.

When asked to comment on the issue, he started that his ex-wife had taken the custody battle of the children to court. 

In another instance, Murega Baichu admitted to having sired six children with different women before Hon. Mwangaza. He also said all of them are provided for.

On the other hand, his wife said she was aware that her husband had several relationships. She urged that anyone who finds a child resembling Baichu should take them to her. Especially if it’s a girl since she doesn’t have girls.

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