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Roland Muchegwa Bio, Children, Wife, Businesses And Criminal Record

Photos of Roland Muchegwa having a good time with a bevy of beauties as saturated social media platform. Social media users have come out to bash the ladies who don’t mind satiating the coital appetite of high flying ‘blesser’. In some of the videos shared online, South Africans ladies can be seen gyrating suggestively to the 51-year-old tycoon. This prompted this writer to do some digging of the man who causing a sensation on social media platforms. So, who is Roland Muchegwa?

Roland Muchegwa bio
The tycoon is originally from Zimbabwe. According to nehandaradio.com, Muchegwa was married to Mitchell Kawome for ten years. The couple had a tumultuous relationship that was marred by violence, philandering and finally a death scare that lead to an end to the union. It is not until 2013 that Mitchell called it quits after leaked photos of Muchegwa having a three-some leaked on social media.

Police warrant of arrest
The flamboyant blesser gave his wife a dog beating that nearly led to her death. Police issued a warrant of arrest that read in part:
His usual and last known place of residence is in Mount Pleasant, Harare. Anyone with information should contact Inspector Sengwe or anyone on duty at the Harare Central Police Sub District level (Phone: Number is 04-777777).

The ex-lover had two children. Muchegwa, however, had eight other children with four other women. Four of these children were conceived while he was married to Kawome, the blog reports. He never supported any of the children he sired with the different women.

The moneyed Muchegwa business is the subject of speculation but reports seem to suggest that he deals in the transportation of illicit fuel from South Africa to Zimbabwe.

Even with the bad publicity surrounding him, some social media users have vouched for him saying he is a cheerful giver when called upon.

“I’m only outing his donation cause I see him trending for the wrong reason. I have never met this man. I have only ever spoken to him on WhatsApp. People calling him ugly etc. I see a beautiful soul. A hero. He paid $10 000 (more than R147 000) for strangers, kids who work vendors and maids to learn!”