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KRA Slap Eliud Kipchoge Kes125 Million In Taxes After Historic Win

The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) is demanding kes125 million from Eliud Kipchoge in taxes, cyprianyakundi.com reports. According to the blog, the marathoner who made history by running in sub 2 hours during the INEOS Challenge in Vienna, Austria has been given 5 days to make the payments.

Eliud made over kes400 million in the challenge dubbed INEOS 159 that attracted viewership globally. His feat attracted the attention of world leaders like South Africa President Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa, former President of the US Barrack Obama among many others.

While he was hailed as the greatest marathoner of all time, others felt that he had a clear advantage thanks to his shoes. Beijing Olympics marathoner Ryan Halls in a series of posts on social media had no kind word for the Kenyan marathoner.

“With all due respect to [Kipchoge] as he is clearly the greatest marathoner of all-time regardless of the shoe he is in [but] when a shoe company puts multiple carbon fibre plates in a shoe with a cushion between the plates, it is no longer a shoe”

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“It’s a spring, and a clear mechanical advantage to anyone not in those shoes.

“I’m just hoping [the International Amateur Athletic Federation, or IAAF] makes sure the upcoming Olympics and [World Marathon Majors] are fair playing fields for athletes of all brands,” he shared on Instagram.