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Salaries Of South African Main Actors, Supporting And Extras

While Nigeria has made a name for itself in producing movies in quick succession that enjoy an enviable viewership across Africa, South Africa is the market leader in the continent when it comes to soaps. Before cheap Mexican soaps took over Kenya, for example, a large population of the East African economic powerhouse diligently followed Generations, a popular South African TV series. Then ‘Egoli: Place of Gold’ was another production that had a sizeable viewership in Kenya. But it is Generations that proved to be a hit in and beyond the borders of South Africa. The soap opera that first premiered on SABC 1 in 1994 airs in Jamaica and India on Television Jamaica (TVJ) and eIndia respectively.

Amount The TV Series Rakes In Royalties
Generations was on the spot in 2014 when a section of the main cast down their tools as they agitated for more pay. During that period, Generations was making R500 million in royalties and the principal actors wanted a larger cut of the pie and an extension of their contracts for upto 3 years. SABC fired the 16 striking actors and the rebranded show ‘Generations: The Legacy’,resumed on the 1st December 2014.

How Much Are These TV actors paid?
A-List actors: Highest paid actors pocket R60,000 ($4,044) and the least in this category take home R25,000 ($1,685) per month, reported broadband.co.za. This is such an attractive compared to other African countries that pay a fraction of that amount.

Supporting actors: This category of actors earn R1,500 ($101) to R5,000 ($336) per call, the same blog reports. Big names earn R6,000 ($404) per call.

Extras-These are untrained individuals taking non-speaking roles. Pay for ranges from R250 ($16) to R500 ($33).

In 2014, Times Live published pay of actors based on figures provided by the South African Guild of Actors this is what soap stars earn:

A newcomer on 7de Laan – R22,000 a month
A newcomer on Isibaya – R26,000 a month
An intermediate actor on Binnelanders – R27,500 a month
An intermediate actor on Isidingo – R28,000 a month
An intermediate actor on Generations – R40,000 a month
An experienced actor in a support role on Isibaya – R30,000 a month
An experienced actor on Isidingo – R40,000 a month
An experienced actor on Generations – R60,000 a month