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Salary Of Officer Commanding Police Station (OCS) In Kenya

The Kenya Police Service-now renamed to National Police Service-has over the years stubbornly remained at the apex of the most corrupt police service in the world. Changes in ridiculous deep pocketed uniforms and a raft of other ‘reforms’ have not tamed runaway and almost institutionalized corruption in the force. Officers will not respond to emergencies in time, if they do at all. Police officers thrive on intimidation as they lack the pre-requisite investigative skills-or are unwilling to do so-to solve a crime.

Cases of extra-judicial killings are almost normalized and who can blame them. While the clear majority are corrupt, a few-very few-have made it their business to protect and uphold the law. With that damning introduction, we take a look at the salary of an OCS in Kenya.

Rank of an OCS
To be appointed as an Officer Commanding Police Station or as a base commander, one must be in the rank of an inspector of police or chief inspector.

And this is an enviable position given the kind of money these senior boys are said to make on a bad day, away from their salaries. For example, reports of business enterprises-especially night clubs- paying protection money every end of the month is the norm. ‘Utumishi kwa Wote’ as their slogan misleadingly reads, collect ‘taxes’ ranging from Kes2000 to- kes50,000 on a weekend depending on the vicinity of a night club. Business enterpresis in Kisumu, Nakuru, Mombasa and Nairobi pay handsomely.

Expanded mandate of OCS
Ward commander-commanding police posts and patrol bases in their respective area of operation.
Provide support to national government functions.

Can salary increments tame corruption in the badly tainted police force? Probably not in this or the next generation. Police inspectors-the rank of an OCS-gets a basic salary of Sh53,820. A chief inspector is at pay grade six and will be earning a monthly salary of Sh59,220. Next

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