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Salary Structure And Allowances Of KDF Soldiers Fighting Alshabab In Kenya And In Somalia

The Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) rolled into Somalia eager to obliterate the Alshabab militants once and for all in an operation codenamed Linda Nchi. Since setting foot in Somalia on 16 October 2011, the Kenyan troops have successfully minimized unprovoked attacks on Kenyan soil by the marauding militants. Gallant soldiers have paid the ultimate price for the good of others as the war rages on. The El Adde attack was a remainder of the evil designs of the terrorist organization and why all efforts must be put in place to stop their evil designs. We take a look at how much our soldiers serving in Somalia and those flushing the terrorists from Boni forest earn per month.
Salaries structure of Soldiers as reviewed in 2011 but took effect in 2015.

Chief of Defence Forces (CDF)-Sh894,897
Lieutenant Generals-Sh632,984
Lance Corporals-Sh26,509

New recruit-Sh7,172
Office Cadet who has served for three years-Sh24,420

Soldiers Fighting Alshabab in Somalia
While this is risky, the returns are way attractive than fighting Al shabab in Kenya. Kenyan troops allowances went up after they were integrated into the African Mission in Somalia (Amisom). The 4,000 plus troops monthly allowance from Amisom is US$ 1,028 or an equivalent of Sh100,000 on top of their monthly salaries. Apart from the attractive allowance, the soldiers are entitled to a comprehensive medical cover.

Fighting Alshabab within the borders of Kenya
Neutralizing Alshabab fighters in Kenya is not as lucrative as hunting them down in their Somalia hideouts. According to a story carried on Nation, Soldiers allowances are not anything to wrie home about. While soldiers squaring it with Alshabab fighters in Somalia are paid by Amisom; those fighting them in Kenya are paid by the taxpayer. Daily hardship allowance for bachelors actively engaging Al Shabab in Kenya is sh20. That translates to sh600. If you are married you get double the amount which translates to Sh800.