Salome Chepkemoi: From Scoring D In KCSE, Getting Pregnant In Form 2 Now Owning Multi-million Businesses

Salome Chepkemoi PHOTO/Courtesy

Salome Chepkemoi is among successful entrepreneurs who did not perform well education-wise.

She scored a D in her Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) exams and hustled her way to success.

Here is Chepkemoi’s story as told by WoK.

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Chepkemoi was going through high school just like any other student but she, unfortunately, got pregnant while in Form Two.

Even though his father rejected her after getting pregnant, she went ahead and completed her secondary school education.

Chepkemoi sat for her KCSE exams in 2012 and scored a D.

With getting pregnant in Form Two and later scoring a D in her final exams, it looked like her life was destined for failure.

However, Chepkemoi dusted herself and ventured into the world of hustling and began working in a boutique.

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At 27, the mother of one fled her parents’ home after getting the boutique job where she would receive a commission for each client she served.

While working at the boutique, Chepkemoi also learned some business skills which came in handy when she opened her own boutique.

Later on, a friend asked Chepkemoi to take over a company that she had be running because she was relocating abroad.

She paid some amount as goodwill and continued to run the business and paying the property’s rent like the previous owner.

The business performed well enabling Chepkemoi to establish a second branch.

Chepkemoi later ventured into chicken farming which enables her to sell wholesale eggs in Eldoret and its environs.

She also owns a home and drives.

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