Samidoh Net Worth, YouTube Earnings, Family and Songs

Samuel Muchoki Ndirangu, popularly known as Samidoh, is a recording artist and a police officer who’s acclaimed for his thrilling Kikuyu videos, vocals, and live shows.

Who is Samidoh

Born in Subukia, Nakuru County, Samidoh first appeared in the public limelight as a backup artist at Kamande wa Kioi’s band. He later established a solo career releasing his first song “Ndiri mutwe mwega.” In an interview with media personality Betty Kyalo, Samidoh revealed that he received massive recognition and love from the public after releasing his first song. Countries he has performed in, apart from Kenya include Qatar, Sudan, Bahrain, and the United Kingdom.

Early Life

Policeman and singer Samuel Muchoki Ndirangu was born in 1990 in Subukia, Nakuru County. He grew up as an orphan. He lost his father at the age of three years and later his mother after joining form one. Soon after his father’s death, everything went south; his father’s brothers evicted them from their home from which they settled in Nyandarua County. Life for him wasn’t easy going through secondary school with the loss of his mother but he became strong and finished form four. It is during this period while in high school that he found his first love (Edith Muchoki) who is currently his wife to date. After his high school, he left for Nairobi and joined his elder brother (a drummer in Kamande wa Kio’s music band) as a backup artist for the legendary Kikuyu artist

According to the book A Story of Faith, Hope, and Love by José N. Harris he says, 

“Waiting hurts. Forgetting hurts. But not knowing which decision to take can sometimes be the most painful…’’

At this point in his life, he was unsure of what to pursue or do to be successful. He decided to pursue a Diploma in Business and Information Technology in Kenya Polytechnic. However, life got tough as he lost his job at Kamande wa Kio’s band since he was unavailable most of the time. He later made a decision that “East or west home is the best.” While in the village he found a job on a flower farm and also applied to the Kenya Administration Police to become a police officer. Luckily, he was selected and recruited as a police officer and posted to Daadab and it was from this moment that he established his music career.

According to the book Fall of Kings by David Gemmell he says,

“Trust your instincts, and make judgments on what your heart tells you. The heart will not betray you.”


Samidoh in Daadab

Samidoh made a movefor his passion and he has never regretted it ever since.

The Kikuyu Benga singer released his very first song “Ndiri na Mutwe Mwega’’ which has by far attracted an astonishing hallmark on YouTube of over 2.1 million views for a Kikuyu Benga music. It was love at first sight from the public for a self-spoken Kikuyu Benga Singer.

Net Worth

According to YouTubers.Me, Samidoh currently has uploaded 24 videos in his channel (Samidoh). On overall, his channel has 14,253,567 video views and 104,000 subscribers. The estimated income from YouTube ranges from Ksh 60,000 to Ksh 120,000 per month. His other sources of income include occasional concerts and his career as Administration Police official. Roughly, his monthly income would range between Ksh 200,000 to 300000. His net worth is under review and will be updated as soon as the review is completed.


Samidoh performing in Koroga Festival

YouTube Earnings courtesy of

Samidoh estimated earnings by months

month estimated earnings
January 2020 $ 606
December 2019 $ 1.11K
November 2019 $ 652
October 2019 $ 1.05K
September 2019 $ 1.1K
August 2019 $ 1.43K
July 2019 $ 897
June 2019 $ 974
May 2019 $ 1.06K
April 2019 $ 406
March 2019 $ 503
February 2019 $ 477
January 2019 $ 539
December 2018 $ 530
November 2018 $ 438
October 2018 $ 476
September 2018 $ 470
August 2018 $ 488
July 2018 $ 559
June 2018 $ 591
May 2018 $ 167
April 2018 $ 169
March 2018 $ 163
February 2018 $ 158
January 2018 $ 165
December 2017 $ 138
November 2017 $ 115
October 2017 $ 117

Samidoh’s Wife

Samidoh is married to Edith Muchoki. The couple has two children.