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Shaniqwa Salary And How Much He/She Is Paid Per Episode

How he perfected playing a female character-yes, he even walks in high heels-got people taking about his s3xu@lity. Shaniqwa, real name Kelvin Mwangi, is what you would call a daring talent. His brand of comedy has, critics notwithstanding, propelled him to a household name. In multiple interviews, Shaniqwa has denied reports that he is a transgender. Asked about his sexuality by Daily Nation Pauline Ongaji, the comedian response was: “Oh no! That’s nasty. I am a man fully. I am just a normal Kenyan man who has decided to take on comedy in a totally different angle”. We take a look at the man who has in his own ‘words taken comedy to a totally different angle’ source of income and how much he gets paid per episode.

Starting out
Fans of The Real Househelps of Kawangware (TRHK) are familiar with Karishizzle, a drunk villager who moves to his cousin place in Kawangware who happens to be the equally talented Njuguna. Life for Njugush, who has since exited the show, was full of drama thanks to the theatrics of Karishizzle. The rabble rouser became a darling to many before he quietly left the show to join Jameni.

The character of no nonsense bully Shaniqwa was accidental. Talking to filamukenya.co.ke, the comedian said of his role in Jameni: “Shaniqwa came as a joke. I remember that day, I was not casting anywhere in Jameni, but everyone was asked to be there to familiarise with the set. One lady didn’t turn up so we had to look for a replacement. Since I knew how the script was I just told them to try me. I boldly took the chance to showcase my chameleonic skills, adjusting to new characters and environments and my producer was satisfied that I fitted.”
He called it quits at TRHK to concentrate on his new role as Shaniqwa.

Script Writer
Shaniqwa doubles as a scriptwriter. His recent works was scripting for Junior that airs on KTN
have done scripting for Junior that airs on KTN

Shaniqwa Salary And How Much He/She Is Paid Per Episode
Shaniqwa and his girlfriend Photo/Courtesy

Morning show host on KTN Life and Style
Shaniqwa, the socialite of all socialites, host is the morning show host of Life and Style aired on KTN every Friday.

How much does Shaniqwa make
In his role as Karishizzle, the comedian pay was not more than Kes5,000 per episode. His pay went up when he played Shaniqwa on Jameni and became the star of the program. His pay was estimated at kes10,000 per episode. Writing scripts pays handsomely and his compensation for scripting Junior is more than kes100,000. Shaniqwa has not started earning from his YouTube channel.

His salary at KTN is estimated at kes100,000 per month.

Other interesting facts about Shaniqwa

He has a Diploma in Mass Communication from the East African School of Media Studies
He is dating