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Silas Jakakimba: Politician Shares Family’s Humble House

Silas Jakakimba
Silas Jakakimba shared a photo of the humble house he was raised. Photo: Silas Jakakimba.

Former Raila Odinga aide Silas Jakakimba has shared the humble house where he grew up.

The politician who is eyeing a parliamentary seat in 2027 shared an emotional photo about how he had to leave home to change it for the better.

In the photo, Silas’ late father is seen standing next to their humble house.

The politician then revealed he had to get a lift on a hearse to travel to Nairobi to start his university education.

When he returned home he brought his dad a TV and solar panel as he loved following the news.

“When you hear them say, ‘We left home to change homes’, SN001 is part of that WhatsApp group. Here’s my late dad the day a couple of months after I left home via a hearse to Nairobi, to report as a first-year student at the University of University. I came back with an Orion TV and a solar panel for him. He loved following news. Used to buy Taifa Leo a LOT And yes – this was our HOME, not just a house nanii. I miss you, Old Man,” he said.

Jakakimba in March officially joined the ruling United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party.

This came months after he left the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party.

Jakakimba is eyeing the Suba North MP seat currently held by fiery politician Millie Odhiambo.

Born John Silas Ouko, he legally changed his name to Jakakimba to pay homage to his home village Kakimba in Mbita.

His mother was a fishmonger and his father was a fisherman.

When his mother died, his father, who was a polygamist, sent him and his siblings to live with relatives.

He stayed with his grandmother Dorina until Grade seven. He then moved back to his home and completed his KCPE at Kakiimba Primary School.