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Simon Maina: Entrepreneur Who Started Peshmatt Supermarket As A Kiosk And Turned It Into One Of The Leading Retailers In Busia

  • PessMatt was founded by Simon Maina in 2013.
  • The Supermarket is located in Busia County, specifically in Bumala town.

Once upon a time, the supermarket landscape in Kenya was dominated by giants such as Nakumatt, Uchumi, and Tuskys.

They held sway, reigning supreme in the world of retail.

However, like a house of cards, the first two came crashing down amid desperate attempts by stakeholders to resuscitate them.

This seismic shift in the retail sector opened the door for new players, and one name that quickly rose to prominence was PeshMatt chain of supermarkets.

Founded in 2013 by the enterprising politician and businessman, Simon Mwangi Kuria, Peshmart embarked on its journey from obscurity to ubiquity.

Located in Busia County, specifically in Bumala town, the supermarket had modest beginnings.

It all began with a small kiosk, a humble endeavor by Maina, a Nyandarua native who had called Busia home for decades.

Maina’s vision was clear: to create a livelihood for himself and sustain the local community’s needs by providing essential goods.

Initially, the kiosk primarily stocked fast-moving items, catering to the demands of the predominantly Luhya community in the area.

Like many rags-to-riches stories, Simon Maina reflects on the kiosk’s establishment as the pivotal cornerstone they needed to lay the foundation for their dreams.

As time went by, the business flourished, and he expanded their product offerings.

The kiosk quickly outgrew its small confines as the demand for their products continued to soar.

This necessitated a bold move on Maina’s part.

He decided to transform their modest kiosk into a towering retail establishment that would later be known as Peshmatt Supermarket.

“I attribute the remarkable growth of our supermarket to our unwavering dedication, the strong support of our community, and our ongoing commitment to meeting the evolving needs of our valued customers.” Maina, who is also the Member of County Assembly {MCA} for Marachi west ward in Busia County said.

This bustling supermarket found its home in Bumala Town, within the Butula Constituency of Busia County.

Their gamble on expansion paid off handsomely.

The newly opened, larger outlet gained immediate popularity among the shoppers of Busia and even attracted window-shoppers from far and wide.

In addition to an extensive array of retail goods, Peshmatt diversified into clothing, furniture, pastries, and various household items.

What had started as a small kiosk had now evolved into a multi-million-dollar retail empire.

Of course, no journey to success is without its trials and tribulations, and Peshmart is no exception.

Simon Maina acknowledges that many of their challenges stem from external factors beyond their control.

The formidable COVID-19 pandemic, which wreaked havoc on businesses across the country, presented a significant obstacle.

It was a time when adaptability and resilience became their guiding principles.

Furthermore, the ever-deteriorating Kenyan economy, marked by inflation and a weakening Kenyan shilling, posed its own set of challenges.

Yet, despite these hurdles, Maina and his team remained undeterred.

Looking ahead, Simon Maina is now focused on the ambitious expansion of Peshmatt Supermarket, not only in various parts of Busia County but also into Siaya County.

“As we move forward, our vision is set on the ambitious expansion of Peshmatt Supermarket, reaching not only into various parts of Busia County but also venturing into Siaya County.” Maina concluded.