Sirai House: A Tour Inside The Kes1.4 Million A Night Hotel

By Prudence Minayo

Some have dubbed Laikipia as the millionaires’ playground and this is no surprise considering the luxurious hidden gems present in the county. From breathtaking sceneries, quaint atmosphere to the ultra fine dining, it is no surprise that one of Kenya’s most expensive hotels is located here. 

Located in Borana conservancy, on a 250-acre land is Sirai House. Sirai is the Maasai name for euphorbia trees. 

WoK gives you to a tour of the facility.

Sirai House: A Tour Inside The Kes1.4 Million A Night Hotel
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Guest Suites

With only six ultra-luxurious guest suites, the hotel offers breathtaking views of the Laikipia landscape. Each of the suites is spread across the compound and all are connected with pathways to the main house. So luxurious is the lodge that it was listed among the world’s most exclusive locations by the UK Times. 

Not only does the house offer privacy at the foot of Mt. Kenya, it also comes with a number of amenities including:

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  • A winery with over 3,000 wine brands 
  • A drawing room
  • A bar 
  • Multiple seating areas 
  • A clay tennis court 
  • A gym 
  • The Boule pit 
  • A running track 
  • The cinema
  • Fully equipped library 
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Sirai House has a number of activities including horse riding, bush picnics, fly camping, safari walks, excursions and flights to Lakes Alice, Bogoria, Turkana and Michaelson. At the Borana conservancy, one can experience the safari of a lifetime, having the chance to see all the big five. From leopards, cheetahs, hyenas, impalas, elephants, buffalos, rhinos, antelopes, baboons to zebras, the conservancy is brimming with different species of wild animals. 

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Booking the House 

You may think that having buckets of money is enough to gain you a booking. Well, according to the UK Times, money is not all it takes to book this lavish facility-character is also key in determining whether you get access to the home. Before booking, one has to carry a personality test. It is only after you pass the test that the rest can proceed. 

The cost of booking a group of six into the lodge is $14,000 (approximately kes1.4 million) a day and one has to stay at least three nights. 

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According to

A four-day wild walking safari in Laikipia costs $277 per person

An ultimate riding safari for 11 days costs $19, 980 per person.

A 7-day riding safari from Borana costs $7500 per person. 


Sirai House is owned by British billionaire and politician Michael Spencer. His father was once a colonial administrator in Ethiopia. This meant his childhood was spent in Africa. He later left to study in the United Kingdom but Africa must have left an imprint on his life as he often came back during holidays.