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Solutech Founders: From Sleeping On The Floor, Having Bedsitters Locked, To Founding Multi-Million Innovative Company

In 2014, three computer science graduates incepted Solutech, a company that helps distributors, manufacturers and retailers in timely tracking of goods across the distribution chain. Eight years later, the company’s growth has taken a meteoric rise and has its presence in eight countries: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, DRC, Rwanda, Zambia and Sudan. Solutech is the brainchild of Alexander Odhiambo, Rayyidh Bayusuf and Mule Mutie.

Coincidentally, the trio were classmates in a computer science programme at UoN and graduated in 2013. Just before picking up the slack and starting their company, they were also employed in the same institution.

However, there were tell tale signs that their employer was struggling to stay afloat with salary delays being the norm. Eventually, the trio’s stay came to an end after the company sank due to financial crisis. Life took them through the grinder as they recall sleeping on the floor and defaulting on rent which saw their bedsitters locked down.

This was the most difficult period in our short span in employment, and as Alex and Rayyidh will share, they spent a fair time of their lives sleeping on the floor, and at some point, had their bedsitters locked up by the landlord,” reveals Mutie on the firm’s website.

By August of 2014, they were dead broke but would meet to execute the way forward. They came up with an idea of sales force automation and brought in the fourth cofounder Jinal Savla who had an acumen in business development.

September 2014: The birth of Solutech 

The quartet explored the idea of having distributors and manufacturers track down their products up to the retail shelves. This would provide visibility and efficiency solutions so that clients would know which markets were performing well and those that had poor output. Additionally, it would help brands and retailers in beating competition especially in pricing of their products.

Solutech’s idea would also offer solutions in decision making and eliminate the use of paper across the distribution channel. Their clientele have a unique identification on an app that gives timely visibility of their products. The app also ensures that distributors can rate on their drivers’ delivery.

Though the first days of the firm were difficult as they couldn’t convince potential clients to buy their idea, they made a breakthrough when Kenafric Industries became their first partner. Today, Solutech boasts of over 70 distributors and manufacturers and has at least 6000 sale agents using their application daily.

In September 2022, the company was among 60 startups that received part of Google’s $ 4 million non-dilutive capital. With a luminous future ahead, Solutech intends to diversify into the service industry.

The founders have exploited the strengths of each one of them in the management of their company. Alexander Odhiambo is the CEO, Mule Mutie handles the human resource docket, Rayyidh Bayusuf handles finance and Jinal Savla focuses on business development.