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Susan Wanjiku: Journalist Running Successful Juice Parlor After Failing To Secure News Anchoring Job

Susan Wanjiku is a journalist who turned to entrepreneurship after failing to secure a job after graduating from university.

She runs Paushixx Juice Parlor where she makes juices from variety of fruits and vegetables, and porridge laced with nutritious additives.

Despite missing an opportunity to work as a news anchor, Wanjiku says her business made her realize her passion for entrepreneurship.

Here is her story as told by WoK.

When Wanjiku graduated from university, she had hoped to secure a job as a news anchor in one of the leading media houses.

However, after months of tarmacking, she was not able to secure a job for herself forcing her to turn to alternative options.

She settled on entrepreneurship but at the given time, she had no business idea and capital to facilitate the same.

Wanjiku was able to secure a job as a cosmetic shop attendant earning Ksh 10,000 per month, giving her a chance to accumulate the required capital.

While at it, she also thought of a unique business idea and after coming across stories of people battling various health conditions, she resorted to making health juices.

The idea birthed Paushixx Juice Parlor which she established using her savings and a Ksh 200,000 loan from a friend.

At Paushixx, Wanjiku makes healthy juices from healthy vegetables such as cabbages, indigenous vegetables, carrots, aloe vera and cucumber among others.

She says these drinks help manage conditions such as erectile dysfunction, stomach ulcers, diabetes, obesity and indigestion.

Wanjiku also introduced other healthy options in her menu to help men improve men’s immunity and boost libido.

She makes porridge using a mixture of groundnuts, pumpkin seeds and cassava flour.

“I noticed that some people were either turning to pharmaceutical drugs to boost their immunity or boost or burn fats

“Use of such drugs has side effects and so I wanted an alternative whose study had shown has minimal side of using vegetable juices,” Wanjiku said.

A while into her business, Wanjiku also hired employees at her shop located at Accra Trade Center along Accra Road.

A glass of healthy juices range from between Ksh 50 and Ksh 200 depending on the type, while the porridge cost Ksh 50 for a cup and Ksh 100 for a traditionally made calabash.

“I have no regrets whatsoever for doing what I do because besides giving a healthy solution to my customers, I’m now able to earn a decent lifestyle from what I do. I have learnt that honesty pays. Dishonesty in business is a recipe for disaster,” she added.

Some of the challenges that Wanjiku has had to deal with in her business include unavailability and inconsistency of some farm products.