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Knut’s Breakdown of Teachers Salary Increment effective July

By Dickens Luvanda
The Kenya National Union of Teachers (Knut) has released a breakdown of salary increase that it expects the Ministry of Education to implement before end of July 2019.

In the new list, Knut cites implementation of the third phase of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) between the union and the employer, Teachers Service Commission (TSC) that would see government release whooping Ksh13 billion.

TSC petition

However, TSC has filed a petition in Court, seeking to reverse an earlier order that was made in favour of Knut on appraisals, and promotion of teachers.

In the petition, TSC Chief Executive Officer Nancy Macharia, claimed it will be difficult to effect the third phase of the CBA which runs from 2019 to 2020 if the order is implemented.

Big winners

If the released list of salary increment by Knut is anything to go by, then school principals in Job Group M will be the biggest winners. They will be taking home at least Ksh16,010 or Ksh16,503 more.

Chief principals on Job Group Q and R will receive between Ksh4,719 and Ksh10,613 more, but those with seven salary point on Job Group Q and those with three and four salary point on Job Goup R will receive no salary increment.

In the breakdown list seen by a local daily, school principals with six salary points on Job Group M will receive Ksh14,028 more.

Deputy principals III will get an increment of between Ksh2,631 and Ksh11,152. Those on Job Group N with one salary point will get highest increment in this category while those with seven salary points will receive Ksh2,631 more.

Head teachers

Senior head teachers, senior masters and deputy principal IV on Job Group M should expect a pay hike of between Kh2,475 and Ksh8,526.

Head teachers, deputy head teachers and senior masters III on Job Group G will receive between Ksh10,738 and Ksh1,695 depending on their salary points, with the highest deputy head teacher II on the same Job Group getting Ksh9,360 more.

The lowest deputy head teacher on Job Group L will receive Ksh1,720.

Secondary school teacher

Secondary teacher I and senior teacher I on Job Group L will get an increase of between Ksh1,811 and Ksh2,015 as per the Knut list of salary hike from the CBA with TSC.

Senior teacher II, secondary teacher II, secondary teacher II UT, primary special needs education on Job Group G to J should expect between Ksh983 and Ksh3,917 increment while teachers on Job Group J with five salary points should expect a Ksh983 increment.

No pay hike

Primary school teacher II on Job Group G are among the category of teachers who will go home with their usual pay in July, including primary and secondary school teacher III on Job Group H and J.

Secondary school teacher II and secondary teacher II UT and primary special needs education teachers on Job Group K will also go home with no pay hike.