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Ten Kenyan Celebrities Who Are Rich, Successful But Single 

Marriage works for some and is a big disappointment for others. DJ Crème De La Crème called marriage a scam after his wife Denise bolted from their union. Speculations on what led to the separation dominated banter on social media space for sometime. The late billionaire industrialist Chris Kirubi died a bachelor and he had a very low opinion on marriage. Sharing his journey on the Churchill Show, Kirubi equated marriage to jail. ‘My marriage felt like I was in jail…too restrictive and lonely”, the late billionaire stated. 

This writer takes a look at some of ten Kenyan celebrities who to relish life away from entanglements and those who are still searching for Mr or Miss right.

Caroline Mutoko 

The media personality is what every parent would aspire their daughter to be. She is aggressive, well grounded and a success story worth emulating. Caroline has never been married and she seems comfortable in that arrangement. The 48 year old has an adopted daughter.

Larry Madowo

This is a man who can get any woman his heart desires but he seems not in a hurry to let go of his liberty. Larry Madowo ranks among the best journalists Kenya has ever produced and it came as no surprise when he got employed by CNN as their international correspondent. He has the looks, a well paying job but whoever he has dated in the past or present remains a top secret. 

Sheila Mwanyigha

Curvy, beautiful and elegant is just an attempt to describe Sheila Mwanyigha. She dated bad boy Prezzo, real name Jackson Ngechu Makini, in a relationship that was doomed to fail from the onset. Prezzo admitted in a past interview of harbouring feelings for Mwanyigha long after the break up.  According to Tuko, the media personality was in a relationship with Rashid Abdalla before being replaced by Lulu Hassan. Sheila Mwanyigha, also known as Nikki, has opted to be single. 

Mike Mondo

Classic 105 FM radio presenter has hit 40 years and some days but is not about to marry. Mike’s mother has reminded his son to bring ‘someone’ home. 

“Every day I am constantly reminded by people that I am turning 40 years old. My mom told me that this year I should bring home someone,’ Mondo shared. 

It seems his mother’s intervention has done little to change his mind. 

Maina Kageni

His number one fans are women and he dishes out marital advice like confetti. For the years he has been in THE public domain, Kageni has not been in any known relationship. He prefers his bachelorhood state. 

Cliff Ombeta

He is arguably one of the best criminal lawyers in the country. Cliff Ombeta represented the Akasha brothers and did a good job at it. The lawyer turned politician lives the life of the few rich and famous. He has children from a past relationship but opted out of marriage and seems to thrive as a single man. 

Dennis Oliech

Dennis ‘the menace’ Oliech may be a washed out celebrity but he remains a legend to local football lovers. He has dated a string of women but never really got attached to any of them. 


The mother of one is single but ready to mingle if an interview on a leading daily late last year is anything to go by. According to Wilbroda, she is looking for a man who can mentor her son and engage her in intelligent conversation. Add to that, Wilbroda wants a partner who will build her. 

Eligible men can try their luck if they can fulfil Wibroda’s wishes. 

Lucy Natasha

The woman of the cloth is single and has been so for sometime now. In an interview with the Standard, she said herdesire to get married and get the right man. I am looking for a prayer partner, not a prayer point. You know when you get a prayer point you would always be praying for God to do something or change him.”

Ringtone Apoko

He is known for courting controversy-or chasing clout- at will. The gospel artist has been on a mission to find himself a woman. It is yet to be known if this is yet another publicity stunt or he is seriously looking for a wife.